Migration Process

This describes the process of migrating academic department websites, but administrative departments will be very similar.

  1. Invitation to migrate is sent to Department Chairs.
  2. Department liaison is identified who will work with LTS.
  3. Review current material with liaison, share guidelines from Public Affairs on what to consider when creating or revising a site.
  4. For content on Charlotte, identify what will move into Drupal and what should be deleted or archived.
  5. LTS will copy content from Charlotte (or Bluenog) into Drupal. (This is one step, but it's a big one!)
  6. LTS will contact Public Affairs and the department liaison to review the website.
  7. With department's approval, LTS will make the website public and redirect traffic to the new site.
  8. Archived content from Charlotte will be sent to the department, and the old site will be deleted.
  9. At any point during this process, LTS will train the department liaison, other department members, or students to edit and maintain the website.