Courses taught at Wellesley College include:

ECON 201: Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

Intermediate microeconomic theory: analysis of the individual household, firm, industry, and market, and the social implications of resource allocation choices. Emphasis on application of theoretical methodology.

ECON 202: Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis

Intermediate macroeconomic theory: analysis of fluctuations in aggregate income and growth and the balance of payments. Analysis of policies to control inflation and unemployment.

ECON 322: Strategy and Information

How do individuals and groups make decisions?  This course is traditional game theory:  the formal study of the choices and outcomes that emerge in multi-person strategic settings.  Game theoretic concepts such as Nash equilibrium, rationalizability, backwards induction, sequential equilibrium, and common knowledge are motivated by and critiqued using applications drawn from education policy, macroeconomic policy, business strategy, terrorism risk mitigation, and good old-fashioned parlor games.