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Luck or skill: how men and women respond to noisy feedback, with G. Kartini Shastry and Lingjun "Lotus" Xia. NEW! COMMENTS WELCOME! [Online Appendix]
Featured in: 
Gender stereotypes in deliberation and team decisions, with Katie Coffman and Clio Flikkema. Submitted for publication. [Online Appendix]

Labor and Economics of Discrimination

Under pressure: gender differences in output quality and quantity under competition and time constraints, Journal of the European Economic Association, October 2012, 10(5): 1189–1213. [Supplementary materials]

Featured in:

Does beauty matter in undergraduate education? with Tatyana Deryugina, Economic Inquiry, April 2015, 53(2): 940–961

Now you see it, now you don't: the vanishing beauty premium, with Tatyana Deryugina, the Journal of Economic  Behavior and Organization, August 2015, 116: 331-345. [Supplementary materials]

Gender differences in behavioral traits and labor market outcomes, with Catherine C. Eckel, Ch. 20 in the Oxford Handbook on Women and the Economics, eds. Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys and Saul D. Hoffman, July 2018, pp. 481-512.
Why female decision-makers shy away from promoting competition, with Alexandra van Geen, forthcoming at Kyklos[Online Appendix]
Information and Beliefs
Coordination and learning in dynamic global games: experimental evidenceExperimental EconomicsAugust 2013, 16(3): 313–334[Sample Instructions
Public announcements and coordination in dynamic global games: experimental evidence, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, April 2016, 61: 20-30. [Supplementary materials]
The effect of information provision on public consensus about climate change, with Tatyana Deryugina, PLOS ONE,  April 2016.
Other Topics
New elites and their influence on entrepreneurial activity in RussiaJournal of Comparative Economics, May 2012, 40(2): 240–255.
  • Can you hear me now: gender bias in the consideration of ideas (with Clio Flikkema)
  • Gender bias in manager evaluations (with Katie Coffman and Alexandra van Geen)
  • Inside echo chambers: understanding the consensus gap between the scientists and the public (with Tatyana Deryugina)