Courses taught at Wellesley College include:


ECON 102: Principles of Macroeconomics [Fall 2014 Syllabus]

This course follows ECON 101 and analyzes the aggregate dimensions of a market-based economy. Topics include the measurement of national income, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, business cycles, the balance of payments, and exchange rates. The impact of government monetary and fiscal policies is considered.


ECON 202: Intermediate Macro Analysis [Spring 2015 Syllabus]

Intermediate macroeconomic theory: analysis of fluctuations in aggregate income and growth and the balance of payments. Analysis of policies to control inflation and unemployment.


ECON 324: Behavioral and Experimental Economics [Spring 2015 Syllabus]

Why do people give to charity? What can be done to convince more people to save in retirement plans? This course explores these and other questions by introducing psychological phenomena into standard models of economics. Evidence from in-class experiments, real-world examples, and field and laboratory data is used to illustrate the ways in which actual behavior deviates from the classical assumptions of perfect rationality and narrow self-interest.