Wellesley Teacher Scholars Program

Wellesley Teacher Scholars Program: Teacher Certification/Licensure

As part of the teaching and learning studies minor (or even separate from a declared minor), students may be able to participate in the Wellesley Teacher Scholars Program, a program to attain state teacher licensure. Wellesley Teacher Scholars are prepared to teach full-time upon graduation, and licensure through Wellesley is transferable to most other states. Faculty are available to discuss the many paths into teaching as well as strategies for incorporating the full student teaching program into a student’s existing program of study. Faculty are also available to discuss other options, such as enrolling in graduate teacher preparation programs or other alternative teacher certification programs.

Wellesley Teacher Scholars gain internship experience (and possible licensure) at the high school (grades 8-12) and middle school (grades 5-8) levels. Our elementary school (grades 1-6) level program will be closed to new students as of August 2022. Please consult with Noah Rubin or Ken Hawes about middle and high school education to plan a program of study. 

Course Requirements for teacher certification are:

To attain teacher licensure, students must complete:

  1. at least one introductory course from those listed in the first requirement of teaching and learning studies minor; and

  2. arts and sciences coursework appropriate to the specific teaching field (please contact the department for details); and

  3. for middle or high school certification, EDUC 325, EDUC 300, EDUC 303, and EDUC 339; OR for elementary certification, EDUC 310, EDUC 314, EDUC 303, EDUC 304, EDUC 305 and EDUC 339. We recommend that, if possible, all those doing elementary certification take EDUC 310 and EDUC 314 before their senior year. Except in special circumstances, EDUC 310 should be completed before entering a full time student teaching practicum in the spring semester. Please note that the elementary certification program will be closed to students who graduate after 2025.