Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Education Department Courses, Minors, and Certification

"What are the differences between the two minors?"

Answer:  Teaching and Learning Studies is designed for students who want to become teachers or gain teaching experience, and possibly receive teacher certification, either at Wellesley, or in preparation for teaching and certification later.  Education Studies is for students who are interested in studying education as a field, and possibly working in or going on to study education further, but who are not sure that they want to teach.

"Why does Wellesley have Education minors but no major?"

Answer:  We offer a Teaching and Learning Studies minor because we believe in a liberal arts model of teacher education, in which education courses help you learn about education and how to apply knowledge you gain from studying in other fields. We offer an Education Studies minor that focuses on issues in education history, philosophy, policy, technology, school reform, diversity, immigration, and urban education, which complements other majors. We do not offer an Education major because in Massachusetts and some other states a major in Education does not qualify for teacher certification, though minoring does.

"Is certification from Wellesley transferable to other states?"

Answer:  Yes, certification from Wellesley is transferable to all other states under most circumstances, and with some additional requirements.  We can help you with this.  Other states accept your Wellesley transcript because they are part of an inter-state certification agreement.

"Can I do the teaching program and minor in Teaching and Learning Studies or Education Studies without declaring a minor?"

Answer: Yes.  We understand that you may wish to declare another minor or a second major, and that is entirely consistent with doing the teaching program.  The teaching internship and a possible teaching license or certification will themselves serve as strong credentials.  If you complete course work to qualify for the Education Studies or Teaching and Learning Studies minor and decide not to declare the minor, you may call it a "concentration" and list some of the courses you took on your resume.

"Do I have to do fieldwork?"

Answer: We encourage you to do fieldwork to better understand connections between ideas about education and real schools, children, teachers, and communities. You do not have to do fieldwork for the Education Studies minor. You will need to do at least some fieldwork for the Teaching and Learning minor, and extensive fieldwork for teacher certification.

"How can I fit teacher certification into four years?"

Answer: Early planning helps, but we have experience helping students find creative ways. Please talk with us! Students have done the teaching program and also studied abroad, and done a double major or thesis, etc.