Education Studies Major

We created this visual to assist students in understanding the new major requirements. You can also visit the “Courses” section of our website for a complete listing of the various course groupings.

Requirements for the Education Studies Major

Students are expected to complete nine units of coursework, six of which must be completed at Wellesley College. The major consists of three primary requirements: education core coursework, a capstone experience, and an additional suite of courses taken within the education department. Supplemental documents to assist students in planning a course of study can be found on the education department website.

Students must complete:

One of the following three education core courses:

EDUC 214

Ecologies of Education: Youth, Family, Community, and Power


EDUC 215/PEAC 215

Educational Inequality and Social Transformation in Schools


EDUC 216

Race, Class, and Ethnicity in Education Policy



An education studies capstone experience

All education studies majors will be required to take a capstone experience, with guidance on the selection from their major advisor. Education capstone courses have a course number designation in the 330s. Students may choose from the following two options and must declare their intentions by the end of their junior year:

  • Option 1: One course in the EDUC 330’s sequence: These capstone courses include critical inquiry into educational theory and practice, often include an experiential component, and require the student to develop skills in research and inquiry. Capstone courses are offered each year and vary depending on availability. Some examples of capstone courses include: EDUC 334: Seminar. Ethnography in Education: Race, Migration, and Borders; EDUC 335: Seminar. Urban Education and Emancipatory Research; EDUC 339 Seminar: Critical Perspectives, Practice, and Reflection in Teaching and Curriculum (restricted to students in the teacher certification program).

  • Option 2: EDUC 360/EDUC 370 (Senior Thesis)

At least four and up to seven additional courses from the list of Education Research and Theory courses.

Students are required to take at least four additional Education Research and Theory courses to complete their major. These courses allow students to establish a foundation in the interdisciplinary study of education and develop an integrated understanding of educational policy, research, and practice.

Students may also select up to three Curriculum and Teaching courses (which focus on teaching methods and offer field-based experiences in classrooms) and/or three Education Electives courses.

Education studies advisors: Soo Hong, Maureen Morgan, Noah Rubin or Diane Tutin.


When you declare an education studies major, you may pick up one of our department t-shirts. Make sure you check in with your advisor, and they will help you pick up your shirt. The shirt features the image below.