Teaching and Learning Studies

Teaching and Learning Studies minors will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be teachers of their subject(s) with students in elementary, middle, or high schools.

They will become able to collaborate, to reflect on and discuss critically their teaching and the situation of their students, and to learn from further experience and study.

We prepare teachers to teach in a variety of urban and suburban schools with diverse students. Each student in our program receives careful individual attention in the process of discovering how her/his own special gifts can be used in the challenging work of teaching. Our students take introductory courses in educational philosophy, history, or policy, and then do course work in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and specific methods for teaching reading and elementary school subjects or middle and high school subjects. They do fieldwork, including tutoring and after school programs in urban and suburban settings and a teaching internship in urban or suburban schools.

Note: If you are interested in teaching but not certification, you may still take teacher preparation courses and do fieldwork in education. This will give you knowledge and skills that alternative programs or charter schools may not have time to provide. Whichever path you take, you will receive individual attention from us in pursuit of your goals. Our programs are designed to fit with your other Wellesley courses and you may graduate with certification or with some amount of preparation for teaching.


Generally, the program requires students to take specific subject-matter courses within their teaching fields along with four to seven education and psychology courses, two of which are the teaching practicum (303) and accompanying seminar (302). If students are not able to register for required introductory courses, they should consult with the department about alternatives.
In addition, teacher certification requires fieldwork prior to the teaching practicum (internship). Students enrolled in EDUC 303 (Practicum) may register for EDUC 320, but are not required to do so.
We encourage you to talk with us to learn about program options.

High School & Middle School Certification

If you wish to be certified for high school or middle school teaching, you would take specific courses within the academic field of your major and complete a required sequence of four or five education and psychology courses. We offer high school and middle school certification in biology, chemistry, Chinese, earth science, English, French, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, history, mathematics, physics, and political science. You may apply for individual certification in other fields. Coursework for teacher certification concludes with student teaching, which is completed during spring semester of your senior year and counts as a regular set of courses.

Elementary School Certification

If you wish to be certified for elementary school teaching, you may major in any subject. You would take a sequence of introductory and upper-level psychology and education courses and do student teaching, including courses on methods of teaching reading and other subjects, taught by a team of experienced teachers from the Wellesley and Boston Public Schools.

Teacher certification requires 50 hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching, which you can do in conjunction with education or psychology courses.