The opportunities to explore engineering at Wellesley are rich and varied; Wellesley does not offer a major in engineering.

  • We-Lab offers a suite of introductory engineering courses with few pre-requisites for students interested in adding a technical component to their liberal arts education or preparing for further engineering study.  
  • Cross-register for engineering classes at Olin College (particularly relevant classes) and MIT (particularly relevant classes). 
  • The Wellesley Engineering Society is a community of students interested in engineering, from informal  activities to pursuing careers in the field.
  • Volunteer and paid student positions for research and engineering program development are frequently available through We-Lab. Contact Amy Banzaert for details.
  • Certificate programs are offered in engineering from Olin, in sustainability through the Babson-Olin-Wellesley Three-College Collaboration, and in engineering leadership through the Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership (GEL) Program.
  • Double degree programs are offered with Olin College and MIT.  Note that these programs are selective and it is extremely difficult to receive two degrees from two distinct institutions in five years.  Many students opt to do engineering coursework through cross-registration, pursue and appropriate science or math major at Wellesley, engage in summer research at Wellesley, MIT (UROPs), Olin, and or REUs at other universities, and then study engineering in graduate school.  Recent students have attended Boston University, MIT, and Stanford for graduate school in engineering.

For all of these opportunities, review the engineering page from the class deans for additional details and advice.