MIT Courses of Particular Interest

MIT Courses that may be of particular interest to Wellesley Students

The classes listed below have minimal pre-requisites and may be of particular interest to Wellesley students. However, this list is not at all comprehensive. To find schedule information, pre-requisites, and many other offerings, see the MIT Subject Listing & Schedule.


Civil Engineering (Course 1)

1.011 Project Evaluation and Management

1.007 EES-Lab: Engineering for Environment and Sustainability


Mechanical Engineering (and Design) (Course 2)

2.00B Toy Product Design

2.00 Introduction to Design

2.001 Mechanics and Materials I


Materials Science and Engineering (Course 3)

3.032x: Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Electrical Engineering (Course 6)

6.01 Introduction to EECS I


Chemical Engineering (Course 10)

10.10 Introduction to Chemical Engineering


Biological Engineering (Course 20)

20.002 Metakaryotic Biology and Epidemiology

20.020 Introduction to Biological Engineering Design Using Synthetic Biology

20.102 Stem Cells in Organogenesis, Carcinogenesis, and Atherogenesis

20.104[J] Environmental Cancer Risks, Prevention, and Therapy

20.106[J] Systems Microbiology


D-Lab (International Development focused on technology)

EC.701 D-Lab: Development

EC.733 D-Lab: Supply Chains

EC.731J Development Ventures

EC.713J D-Lab: Schools

EC.715 D-Lab: Dissemination WASH

EC.717 D-Lab: Education