Resources Outside Wellesley

We-Lab is developing lists of resources that we believe will be beneficial for technical investigations across many disciplines. Have something to add?  Wish there were other topics included here?  Please let us know!


Fabrication & Finishing

Rapid prototyping of mechanical parts: Big Blue Saw, First CutRed Eye

Bell's Powdercoating (in Attleboro, MA)

River Street Metal Finishing (anondizing in Braintree, MA)


(Mostly) Mechanical parts and raw materials:

McMaster-Carr (materials, fasteners, and more)

MSC (mechanical and electrical devices)

Misumi (machine elements)

Freeman Supply (polyurethane foam and many more materials great for prototyping)

Reynolds Advanced Materials (moldmaking and casting supplies in Brighton, MA)

Boulter Plywood (in Somerville, MA) 

J Freeman (in Dorchester, MA - plastics and more)

Surplus Center (motors, pneumatics, and more)

HD Chasen (unique, hard-to-find components)

American Science & Surplus (motors and much, much more)



Components: DigiKey, Jameco, Sparkfun


Design guide:

IDEO Human-Centered Design Toolkit (free download with registration)