Ruhlman Conference

English majors present yearly at the Ruhlman Conference, Wellesley's annual celebration of student achievement.

For information about applying to present, see the Ruhlman Conference web site.

Selected Ruhlman Presentations, 2014

Creative Writing: Gaining Access to the Past
Talk by Shanzeh Asif, '15, English
The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: Tracking the Development of William Butler Yeats's Poetry through Manuscript Materials
Poster by Kelly Anne McCullagh, '14, English
Harnessing Visibility: Creating Perspective in Film
Talk by Lauren Chen, '14, English
Travels with Virginia Woolf
Talk by Ava Bramson, 14, English
Encore? Encore? Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet, Back for One Day Only
Performance by Catherine Piner, '16, English
Opera: Not So Dead After All
Performance by Chelsea Ennen, '14, Engish
Demystifying Science through the Power of Art
Panel with Jung Ryun Hong, '14, English
Change Magazine: Exploring Social Change from a Student's Perspective
Talk by Mary Lou Ferguson, '16, English, and Genevieve Rogers, '16, English
Identity Unthroned: Fallen Sublimity in Keats's Hyperion, Shakespeare's King Lear, and Milton's Paradise Lost
Talk by Sydney Cusack, '14, English
Bullfighting in Ernest Hemingway's Fiction and Nonfiction
Talk by Stephanie Gall, '14, English and Neuroscience Barnase+Barster 4ever
Panel with Connie Chen, '15, English and French
Functional MRI for Vocal Learning and Memory in the Zebra Finch Model
Panel with Asha Albuquerque, '14, English and Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
"That the World May Know": The Responsibilities and Challenges of War Journalism
Talk by Marianna Zepeda, '14, English and Creative Writing and History
Altruism: A Natural Thought History of an Idea
Talk by Caroline Golub, '14, English
Consider the Lily: Female Authors Re-Appropriating "the Feminine" fromt he Middle Ages to the Present
Panel with Thai Matthews, '14, English
Cooking Chemistry
Talk by Alexandra Gryzwa, '14, English
Narratives of Illness and Healing
Panel with Alexandra Gryzwa, '14, English and Theatre Studies
Bounders to Boundaries
Performance with Katherine Bussert, '16, English, J. Taylor D'Andrea, '16, English, and Vanessa Greenleaf, '14, English
Science Center Special Collections: The History of Science Instruction at Wellesley College
Elizabeth Kashinski, '15, English
Book Arts Lab Demonstration
Teaching presentation by Christine Campbell, '14, English
In Their Own Words: Documentary Theater as Social Commentary
Talk by Vanessa Greenleaf, '14, English


Selected Ruhlman Presentations, 2013

Mad Funny: Representing Madness in the 18th Century
Talk by Christina J. Hsieh, '13, English

You Can't Go Home Again: A Study of Colonial Impact on Nigerian Literature through the Works of Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka
Talk by Clara S. Brodie, '13, English
Nadine Gordiner, "The Conscience of South Africa"
Talk by Mariana Zepeda, '14, English and History
Notions of Inheritance in Joyce's Ulysses and Faulkern's Absolom, Absolom!
Talk by Lucy V. Cleland, '13, English
No Place Like Here: A Collection of Poems
Talk by Jaya A. Stenquist, '13, English and Creative Writing
Translation and Poetry: Defining Authorship through Practice
Talk by Arielle A. Concilio, '13, English
Moving Out into the World: Community Writing and Impact
Talk by Mona I. Elminyawi, '14, English
Hemingway and the Accidental Art of Journalism
Talk by Sara M. Simon, '13, English
Revelatory Words and Images: William Blake and the Artist's Book
Talk by Rusi Li, '13, English
Editorial in Translation: Non-Native English-speaking Authors and the Role of the Editor on the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies
Talk by Sydney S. Cusack, '14, English
Medieval Nonsense Verse: Contributions to the Genre
Talk by Bridget E. Begg, '13, English and Biological Sciences
With So Good a Woman: The Nature of Love and Violence in Genre in Shakespeare
Talk by Kesley A. Ridge, '13, English and East Asian Studies
Poetry: The Scientific Method's Missing Step
Talk by Sharon Tai, '13, English and Economics
Henry IV Part I: Provenance and Performance
Talk by Hilary J. Gross, '13, English
Preschool Peer Pairs: What Predicts Friendship Development?
Talk by Paula K. Yust, '13, English and Psychology


Selected Ruhlman Presentations, 2012

Thomas Hardy and the Modernization of Agriculture
Talk by Meredith L Ruhl '12, English

The Making of a Classic: Louisa May Alcott, Her Novels, and Modern Media
Talk by Hayley M Lenahan '12, English

Time Zones
Literary Reading by Hallie C Santo '12, English and Creative Writing

"Stories about Himself": Forgetfulness, Stories, and Power in Peter Pan
Talk by Abigail G Murdy '12, English and Philosophy

"A Separate Peace": Reading the First World War in Ernest Hemingway's In Our Time and A Farewell to Arms
Talk by Esther Y Kim '12, English

A Horizontal Search: Squaring Away American Mystery
Exhibition by Lucy V Cleland '13, English

Selected Ruhlman Presentations, 2011

100 Pains of Subtitling: Language, Culture, and Nodame Cantabile
Michelle Lam ’14 and Natalie Rojas ’14

Reclaiming the Humanity of the Marginalized in Postcolonial Literature
Sydney Hodge ’11, English

Exotic and Erotic in Nineteenth Century French Photography and English Poetry
Hannah A. Keck ’11, Art History and English

Daniel’s Decision: The Ethics of Virtue and Utilitarianism in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
Flannery Wheeler ’11, English

Living in Absurdity
Olivia Kingsley ’11, English

Writing the Travel Essay: The Traveler and the Destination (panel discussion)
Alexis Black ’13, English, Elizabeth Hubertz ’11, Political Science, Sarika Narula ’11, English, and Rebecca Winslow ’11, South Asian Studies

Mapping the Invisible: Guides, Maps, and the Role of Cosmography in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene
Gabrielle Linnell ’13, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Portraying the “Strolling Trade”: Gypsies and Nomadism in the Eighteenth Century Novel
Angelina Del Balzo ’11, English and Italian Studies

Private Rooms, Professional Spaces, and Youthful Ambition in Charles Dickens’s Orphan Novels
Rae Yan ’11, Chinese Language and Literature and English

Looking at Queer Desire in Pale Fire and Death in Venice
Farah Ahmed ’11, English

Writing the Self: Identity Construction in Twentieth Century African American Literature
Galen Danskin ’11, English

Discrepancies between Black Literature and Their Film Adaptations
Boafoa Offei-Darko ’11, English