The English Department tutors are a group of experienced students and enthusiasts of English literature, selected and trained to provide constructive help in analyzing literature and writing for English classes. 

Unlike the Writing Tutors, who tutor in a wide range of fields, English Department tutors specialize in English literature. Department tutors work one-on-one with students of all years and all writing levels. All students are entitled to this free service.

Department tutors can help students think through the paper-writing process, develop ideas about a text into a thesis, or shape a rough draft into a completed product. It's most appropriate to consult a tutor either at the point of formulating a thesis, when you've thought about the assignment, have some ideas about approaching it, and have made some notes, but have not started writing, or at the point where you have completed a rough draft of your paper and need help in thinking about revision. Department tutors don't correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; rather, they work with you to strengthen your thesis, choose and present evidence, reshape work that needs reorganization, make your argument richer and more complex.

Note the distinction between English Department tutors and the Writing tutors. English Department tutors are specifically hired and trained to help with English courses. Writing tutors are not necessarily specialists in the discipline of English literary study; they may or may not have lots of experience working on college-level critical writing about literary texts.