Environmental Studies at Wellesley offers our own courses as well as environmentally related courses from departments across campus. 

We’re happy to help you find a course that will suit your needs, whether you’re interested in learning more about the ecosystems we live in, the ethical issues involved in human interactions with the environment, or policy options for mitigating environmental problems. We are also available to help you plan your environmental studies major, and to discuss options for careers that address environmental issues.

The Environmental Studies Department offers a major, a minor, and the opportunity to undertake an honors thesis. We can help guide you in choosing an environmentally related study-abroad program or find courses at nearby schools. We invite you to take some courses and discover how fascinating environmental studies can be.

The Environmental Studies Department seeks to educate students to:

  • Identify and reflect on what motivates you and others to study the environment.
  • Integrate across disciplines to synthesize or create new knowledge.
  • Construct, describe, and evaluate models and narratives of environmental systems that link relevant social, physical, and biological processes using data, argument, and case studies.
  • Characterize the dependence of people on environmental systems and create compelling arguments for why and how inequalities intersect with environmental issues. 
  • Demonstrate written, oral, and visual communication skills to convey complex information to a range of audiences, including the general public.