The Environmental Studies Department awards two prizes each year to graduating seniors:

The Camilla Chandler Frost Prize for Research in Environmental Studies

Given in honor of Camilla Chandler Frost, Wellesley Class of 1947, whose generous gift to the college contributed to the establishment of the Environmental Studies Department. This prize is awarded to a student who makes exceptional contributions to research in Environmental Studies.

2020: Eva Paradiso
2019: Jenn Harris
2018: Nisreen Abo-Sido
2017: Kelsey Cathcart
2016: Leah Nugent and Rosalie Sharp 
2015: Abigail Golden
2014: Mayrah Udvardi
2013: Maia Fitzstevens and Kelly Mercer
2012: Phoebe Handler
2011: Serena Ryan and Brachi Schindler
2010: Devaja Shafer
2009: Catlin Powers
2008: Emily Pighetti
2007: Heather Clark
2006: Christine Grant
2005: Marissa Sue and Kate Doiron
2004: Lara Browning

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Prize for Environmental Activism

Given in honor of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Wellesley Class of 1912, who worked with foresight and passion for over half a century to advance social justice and environmental protection.  Douglas, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, campaigned for the fair treatment of farm workers, helped found the first chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in the South, and played a pivotal role in the protection and restoration of the Everglades.  This prize is awarded to a student activist for outstanding dedication and accomplishment in integrating environmental and social activism with academic pursuits.

2020: Jess Ostfeld
2019: Nathalie Bolduc and Samantha Hoang
2018: Amanda Hernandez
2017: Meredith Wade 
2016: Idalmis Vaquero and Ashley Funk 
2014: April Zhu and Mackenzie Klema
2013: Ellie Blaine and Carly Gayle 
2012: Natalia Ospina and Ellen Willis-Norton
2011: Leslye Penticoff
2010: Lauren Fink
2009: Anli Yang
2008: Darrah Haffner and Monisha Khuran
2007: Anita Yip
2006: Lisa Damon
2005: Ariel Diamond
2004: Abby Tinker and Kristen Blanton