Student Organizations

EnAct: Environmental Action at Wellesley College. EnAct's mission is to engage students and the broader Wellesley community in direct action to combat climate change and other local and global environmental issues. We commit to using a broad range of skills and approaches - including volunteering, raising awareness, engaging in conversations, protesting, working at intersections of environmentalism with other social justice movements, and on-campus and off-campus partnerships - to make the most of the power we have as individuals and as a community.

Regeneration – Regeneration is a farm started and maintained by Wellesley College students. They strive to farm organically, advocate food justice, and raise consciousness of sustainable agriculture in our communities. 

Sustainability Cooperative (SCoop)– Residents of the Sustainability Co-op focus on ways to reduce their environmental footprint in effective and practical ways: they cook their own meals from sustainably grown food, and strive to reduce energy and water usage. Additionally, SCoop plans outreach programs to cultivate a culture of environmentalism on Wellesley’s campus, and serves as a community space for programs with a similar focus. 

Outing Club – The Outing Club's mission is to organize events and outings in which Wellesley students can go on great adventures while building a community that has interests in outdoor activities. They aim to provide fun and stress-relieving activities that help students stay active and try new things. They provide an array of outings to adhere to the interests of their club members. Regular outings that occur frequently include: hiking, biking, and rock-climbing. Additionally, they plan trips dependent on the desires of the members of the club. Examples of such trips include: white water rafting, camping, back packing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and organic farm trip, the list is endless as long as there are members willing to take part in the planning of the events.

El Table – El Table is a student-run cooperative café located in the basement of Founders that serves sandwiches, salads, soups, and snacks. El Table seeks to give its customers natural and organic choices when possible, from companies with sustainable business practice.