Advising Beyond Academics

Advising Beyond Academics

After you meet the core members of your Advising Team, including your Faculty Advisor, your First Year Mentor, your Academic Peer Tutor and your residential advisors, you should take a moment to learn about other kinds of advisors available to you at Wellesley.

Although academic work will be the centerpiece of your Wellesley experience, there are many other aspects of growth and development that we hope you experience while you’re here. Wellesley provides an array of advisors to help students grow outside the classroom, even as they explore new intellectual frontiers in their academic efforts.

Assistant Deans of Intercultural Education:

Wellesley strives to be one strong community composed of many different elements, and part of our commitment to each other is that we respect and learn from each other’s different abilities, backgrounds, and dreams. In order to support the diversity that is such an important part of our campus culture, a number of advisors are on campus working closely with a range of particular communities. These advisors work with students across the campus on educational and cultural programming accessible to all, and engage closely with the students in their particular cohorts to ensure they are able to make the most of their Wellesley experience. Among these advisors, you may meet:

• Mared Alicea-Westort, Director of Multicultural Programs and Advisor to Latina Students
• Tracey Cameron, Director of Harambee House and Advisor to Students of African Descent
• Leah Fygetakis, Director of Programs and Services for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Students
• Karen Shih, Director of Multicultural Programs and Advisor to Students of Asian Descent

Slater International Center:

The Slater International Center is the on-campus center for our international student programs.  Karen Pabon, Director of Slater International Center and Advisor to International Scholars and Students, is ready to assist all our international students as they transition to their academic experience at Wellesley, and connect them to useful campus resources.  Visit the Slater website here for more information. 

Religious and Spiritual Life Team:

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life strives to support the spiritual, educational and worship needs of all Wellesley students. Support and celebration for people of Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian (Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic), Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Native African, Native American, Pagan, Sikh, Unitarian Universalist, Zoroastrian and other religious traditions is offered through the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Support for the spiritual journeys of students, faculty and staff both within and outside of institutional religious contexts is offered through a series of programs on moral, ethical and spiritual issues. In addition, all college community members are invited to discover the common spiritual threads which bind us together as one people through a series of multi-faith educational programs and community worship opportunities. Visit the Religious and Spiritual Life Team here.

Counseling and Health Services:

Wellesley’s on-campus health and counseling services provide essential support for all Wellesley students, with the goal of helping students maintain and enhance their personal health and wellness as well as to promote a safe and inclusive campus community. Educational programs complement the delivery of clinical and counseling services to individual students. Visit the Health Services here and the Counseling Services at the Stone Center here.

Center for Work and Service:

The Center for Work and Services is a comprehensive career development center, serving all Wellesley students and alumnae in their efforts to define and pursue their professional goals. The CWS oversees programming designed to assist all students in understanding and exploring internships, service opportunities, jobs, fellowships, and graduate study. Every student will benefit from the programs and the individual advising offered by the CWS staff. Visit them on the fourth floor of Green Hall, and online here.