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Welcome, Class of 2025!

The 2021 Orientation theme, Embrace Authenticity, and the corresponding design are inspired by the authenticity we encourage each student to bring with them to the Wellesley community.  The emerald design is significant, in that emeralds have imperfections (called inclusions) and that is what makes them unique, valuable and beautiful. These emeralds shine with their imperfections and thrive on being authentically themselves.  We hope that the Class of 2025 can embrace authenticity within themselves, their peers and the community.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Wellesley College! We are incredibly excited to welcome you in the fall. Please check this website periodically during the winter and early spring months, as it will be updated regularly.

Get ready for your first taste of the Wellesley community!

The New Student Orientation program is designed to help you, as a new student, begin your transition into college and to find a sense of belonging at Wellesley. The program has something for all of our new students including domestic, transfer, Davis Scholar, and international students. Our program events, conversations, and activities will help you enrich your Wellesley experience and feel at home in our diverse community.

Specific programs are designed to:

  • Introduce you to our Wellesley College community, shared values, and rich tradition

  • Provide opportunities for you to establish meaningful personal connections with students, faculty, and others in the extended Wellesley family

  • Familiarize you with the campus and its resources, including academic advising and support services

  • Prepare you to become actively engaged in this community of lifelong learners as you embark on your liberal arts education

Learn more about the Office of the Dean of First-Year Students.

Latest News

Guidance surrounding Fall 2021 Move-In dates have been announced. Please review the full announcement here.

Review all of Wellesley College’s COVID-19 updates here.

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