Welcome, Class of 2022!

The 2018 Orientation theme, Pursue Curiosity, and the corresponding design are inspired by the active pursuit of knowledge essential to our Wellesley community. What do you hope to learn and understand as a Wellesley College student? As you join our community, you will have opportunities to ignite your curiosity and pursue knowledge without limits.  During New Student Orientation, we encourage you to engage with new and diverse perspectives and take time to reflect on those experiences. You will have time to make meaningful, supportive connections and find your home at Wellesley as you embark on your liberal arts education. Whether you are interested in seeing the world more broadly, or focusing in on a microscopic detail, Wellesley will give you the tools -- and lenses -- to pursue curiosity.  Welcome to Wellesley.

Get ready for your first taste of the Wellesley community!

The New Student Orientation program is designed to help you, as a new student, begin your transition into college and to find a sense of belonging at Wellesley. The program has something for all of our new students including domestic, transfer, Davis Scholar, and international students. Our program events, conversations, and activities will help you enrich your Wellesley experience and feel at home in our diverse community.

Specific programs are designed to:

  • Introduce you to our Wellesley College community, shared values, and rich tradition

  • Provide opportunities for you to establish meaningful personal connections with students, faculty, and others in the extended Wellesley family

  • Familiarize you with the campus and its resources, including academic advising and support services

  • Prepare you to become actively engaged in this community of lifelong learners as you embark on your liberal arts education

Orientation 2018 will begin with international student move-in on Sunday, August 26 and programming will continue on Monday, August 27. Domestic student move-in will take place on Tuesday, August 28 and all students will participate in the New Student Orientation program through Monday, September 3. Classes begin on Tuesday, September 4.


Click the following link to access the 2018 New Student Orientation Schedule.