For many students, the Wellesley experience begins when they attend a Summer Send-Off party hosted by an alumnae club. These events give incoming students and their families the chance to learn more about the College and to receive a warm welcome into the Wellesley family!

Upcoming Send Offs:

Club                                Where?                     When?

New York Wellesley Club                   NY (TBD)                       August 22




What is a Summer Send Off?

A Summer Send-Off is an event hosted by one of Wellesley's 100+ alumnae clubs which aims to provide incoming students and their parents an opportunity to connect with the Wellesley community. As Leah Driska Lee 08' explains: "The send-offs are a fun way for alumnae to connect with students...They're also a chance for incoming first-years to meet each other before they get to campus, so when they do arrive at Wellesley they will already know a friendly face or two from home."

Summer Send-Offs take on a variety of forms. For example, at a recent Berkeley, California event, several alums held an informal Q&A session where they talked about their own experiences. Meanwhile, the Boston club hosted an afternoon iced tea reception at the home of one alumna and played Wellesley Bingo (an perennial Wellesley favorite,) while the Hawaii club threw a pool and pupu party by Honolulu’s Waialae Beach, with appetizers that included teriyaki meatballs, saimin noodles, wrapped chicken with rice, and plantation iced tea. The Central and Coastal Virginia club emphasized a beloved Wellesley tradition at its annual hoop-themed send-off, which included a menu of mini bagels, citrus bundt cake, and other round foods.  Each incoming student received a hoop in her class color, and was taught the art of hoop rolling. The group then competed on the sidewalk outside.




How are the locations chosen?

Wellesley College is proud to have over 100 alumnae clubs located all over the world! The locations that are listed above are the clubs that have chosen to host a Summer Send-Off this year.


We are traveling this summer. May I attend a Send-Off hosted by a different Club than the one we live near?

Your Wellesley club affiliation is based on the zip code of your primary address. Because of the wide variety of Send-Offs that are being hosted, whether you may attend a Send-Off that is not hosted by your primary club is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please email with any questions or requests.

When/how will we receive an invitation?

The Alumnae clubs send out invitations to all new students in their area. You and/or your student will recieve your invitation in the summer if there is a Send-Off in your area.