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Verrücktes Blut

German Theater Class Production

Dec 8th & Dec 9th, 8:00 PM
Shakespeare Society House Second Level Theatre

Verrücktes Blut – Mad Blood

A free adaptation of the film La Journée de la Jupe

By Nurkan Erpulat and Jens Hillje (Pegasus GmbH Theater und Medienverlag, 2010)

Directed by Mark Römisch

I have every right to rage at nature, and upon my honor, vouch to show it. Wasn’t it she who abandoned us naked and destitute on the shores of this great ocean of life? Swim if you can, she said, and if you are too ungainly – sink! I was given nothing. What I wish to make of myself is therefore my concern. We all have equal rights to great and lesser things. So hop to it! I intend to root out everything that limits me, all things I am not master of. For master I must be to get those things with violence that tenderness deprived me of.  Franz Moor - The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller

Young men from a certain background are the latest threat to German society in its battle to defend Western civilization. They spread fear and violence and their background is usually migrant, Muslim or uneducated. This source of fear and anger also sometimes strikes roots, preferably Arab or Turkish ones. Then these young men force their wives to wear headscarves and kill their sisters in the name of their family’s honor! Such are the salacious clichés that are bandied about in the current “debate on Islam”. The only hope of salvation is that tried and trusted German formula of education, education, education!

One day, one of these teachers and saviors of the nation gets an unique opportunity to take a stance: while trying to introduce Friedrich Schiller and his idealistic visions of classic German theatre to a bunch of rowdy youths from a migrant background a fight erupts and a gun ends up in the teacher’s hands. A real gun. After a brief moment of hesitation, she takes her students hostage and forces them up onto the school stage to act out the play at gunpoint. For theatre, she reasons, is the only cure for the ills of this world. This hostage-taking drama liberally swerves between the genres of thriller, comedy and melodrama, and sets about deconstructing seemingly clear-cut identities with a vicious energy and humor.

Theater Program  - Theater Ballhaus Naunystraße, Berlin

The production will be in German and will be performed by Wellesley students of GER 233 Language. Culture. Theater.  A short introduction before the show and a detailed summary of the play in the program will ensure that non-German speakers should be able to follow the production.

Directions to SHAKESPEARE HOUSE: From Central Street (Rt 135) entrance, take first right to park in Davis Garage. Upon exiting garage, follow sidewalk in front of Lulu Wang Chow Campus Center, down to the left.  Turn at first right and follow to first building on the right, yellow and brown Tudor house.  Main door is the one on the left, when looking at Shakespeare House.  Campus Map

NOTE: This building is not wheelchair accessible; theater access requires climbing stairs.

This play is not suited for ages under 14.