New InterViews

Gallery Talks with Davis Curators and Wellesley College Art Faculty

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 6:00pm
Davis Museum Lobby

Delve deeper into the practices of the artists featured in the New View exhibition with this series of three gallery talks. Each session will feature interviews with faculty artists led by a Davis Museum curator and includes a reception in the lobby.

November 12: Claire Whitner with artists Bunny Harvey, Candice Ivy, Phyllis McGibbon and Andrew Mowbray. 


Bunny Harvey

Elizabeth Christy Kopf Professor of Art

Professor Bunny Harvey describes her most recent work as a culmination of forty years of painting and a passion for archaeology, the philosophy of time, cosmology, and particle physics in the form of semi-abstract landscapes. Just before she began to teach at Wellesley in 1976, Harvey won the Rome Prize in Painting, a two-year fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. She recalls this as a “life-changing experience” that led her to divy up her studio time now between Rome and New York City when she is not primarily in Providence, RI, or Tunbridge, VT. In 2004 Professor Harvey was awarded the Pinanski Prize for Excellence in Teaching, and most recently in her exhibitions, Harvey had a four month long retrospective at the Newport (RI) Art Museum.


Candice Ivy 

Visiting Lecturer and Director of the Jewett Galleries, 2014-2015

Candace Ivy received her B.F.A. from Coker College in 1999 and her M.F.A. from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2006 ( She explores “the use of architecture and the natural terrain as strong influence in the transmission of cultural values, beliefs and philosophies” through a combination of “the use of sound, video, drawing, and sculptural” elements ( In her work, Ivy incorporates drawing and found objects to create  a sensory experience for the viewer in each unique environment ( Her multimedia work has been featured internationally in the Piccolo Spoleto Festival and her video work has been shown nationally at venues such as the The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and the Berkeley Small Film Festival, Berkley, CA (


Phyllis McGibbon

Professor of Art

Director of Studio Art Program

Professor Phyllis McGibbon explores the travel of art through historical cycles and the translation of pieces and images between artists and across time. Her work includes a variety of media including lithographs, photomontages, prints, artist books, and photomontages, and at Wellesley McGibbon teaches several courses in drawing and printmaking. In addition to being awarded the Pinanski Prize for excellence in teaching at Wellesley in 1997, McGibbon has earned the honor of grants from Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Howard Foundation at Brown University.


Andrew Mowbray 

Visiting Lecturer in Art

Andrew Mowbray is a visiting lecturer at Wellesley whose work focuses on the practical and physical elements of art, in creating “objects that have a use." In creating sculptures and tangible items, Mowbray has developed skills in several crafts and techniques including “fabrication, mold-making, casting, weaving, sewing, quilting, video, photography, and performance,” just to name a few. Through his work, Mowbray explores the recurring themes of the context of the museum itself, luck and chance, and “struggle to redefine contemporary masculinity” (