Russian Poetry Reading: Vera Pavlova

Readings from Works by Vera Pavlova, Russian Poet

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 4:30pm
GRH-237 Newhouse Lounge

One of Russia's best-known contemporary poets, Vera Pavlova has published 15 collections of poetry. Her first collection in English, If There Is Something to Desire, was among the top ten best-selling poetry books for that year in the United States. Pavlova's economy and directness make her delightfully accessible in all of the widely ranging topics she covers: love, motherhood, the memories of childhood that continue to feed us, our lives as passionate souls abroad in the world and the fullness of experience that entails. Expertly translated by her husband, Steven Seymour, Pavlova's poems are highly disciplined miniatures, exhorting us without hesitation: “Enough painkilling, heal. / Enough cajoling, command.”

This program is generously supported by the Russian Department Tyler Fund.