Jenny Price: Enact Our Metropolis!

"Adventures in the Brave New World of Public Art Actions," the Elizabeth Turner Jordan '59 Endowed Humanities Lecture

Monday, November 17, 2014 - 4:30pm
GRH-237 Newhouse Lounge, GRH-235 Newhouse Conference Rm, GRH-240 Newhouse Conference Rm

The Elizabeth Turner Jordan '59 Endowed Humanities Lecture

While the more equitable and sustainable cities of our dreams will clearly require the efforts of planners, scientists, engineers, and policy makers of all kinds, they'll also require us to fundamentally reimagine our connections to nature and to each other. That's a job for the arts—and in this talk, Jenny Price chronicles the rapid emergence of art collectives that are creating playful, participatory public projects to grapple with our urban troubles. What particular powers do these collectives bring to the table? And how can these on-the-ground interactive projects mobilize people to envision and actually create the cities we long for?

Jenny Price is a public writer, artist, and historian, and the 2014 Barron Visiting Professor of the Environment & the Humanities at Princeton University. Author of "Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A." and Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America, she's written also for Believer, GOOD, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times, and pens the Green Me Up, JJ not-quite advice column. As a co-founder of the Project 51 collective, she is co-leading the current year-long Play the LA River project on L.A.'s concrete river; and as a founder of the L.A. Urban Rangers, she has been a resident artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Orange County Museum of Art, and has co-created such projects as Trail System: Downtown L.A. and Public Access 101: Malibu Public Beaches. She is working on a new book, Stop Saving the Planet!--& Other Tips for 21st-Century Environmentalists.