Wellesley College Scheduling Office

The Registrar's Office

Phone: 781.283.2307
Website: http://www.wellesley.edu/registrar
Schedules curricular reservations for faculty and staff in classroom spaces based on information received from faculty and academic departments. A curricular event is one that is associated with a specific course, including regularly scheduled class meetings as well as one-time events such as a review session or film screening.  A curricular space is one that is classified as a classroom

Special Events

Phone: 781.283.2375
Email: EventsOffice@wellesley.edu
Website: www.wellesley.edu/Events/
Schedules events sponsored by academic and administrative departments.

Student Activities

Phone: 781.283.2672
Website: https://www.wellesley.edu/studentlife/campus/involvement
Schedules events sponsored by a recognized student organization. 

External Events

Phone: 781.283.2875
Email: ExternalEvents@wellesley.edu

Weddings at Wellesley

Contact the Coordinator of Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
Website: http://www.wellesley.edu/religiouslife/houghton/ceremonies
Phone: 781.283.2615

Service Providers


Phone: 781.283.2767
Website: www.wellesley.edu/Facilities

Media Services 

Equipment Rental Phone: 781.283.2369
Help Desk Phone: 781.283.3333
Website: http://www.wellesley.edu/lts/techsupport/mediaservices

Campus Police

Phone: 781.283.2121
Website: www.wellesley.edu/Police
Parking, Unlocking Buildings, Alcohol Policies

AVI Fresh

Phone: 781.283.2701
Website: http://www.wellesleyfresh.com/
Dining Services and Catering


Phone 781.283.3216
Website: www.wellesley.edu/lts/techsupport/phones/confcall
Conference Call Support

Disability Services

Phone: 781.283.2434
Website: www.wellesley.edu/disability

CLCE & Summer School

Corrine Frazer, Administrative Director
Phone: 781.283.2200
Website: www.wellesley.edu/CLCE

External Vendors

General Rentals

Taylor Rental
Phone: 781.237.4156
Website: www.taylorrentalwellesley.com

Interstate Rental
Phone: 617.522.6200
Website: www.interstaterental.com

Tent Companies

Willis Tents
Phone: 617.244.5491
Website: www.willistents.com

Come Rain or Shine Tents Works
Phone: 508.481.0515
Website: www.comerainorshine.com

Sound & Tech Support

Marc Okun, Okun Sound
Phone: 617.584.2777
Email: okunsound@hotmail.com 

Capron Sound and Lighting  
Phone: 781.444.8850
Website: www.capron.net