Image by Zsofia Schweger '12

Alice C. Cole ’42 Project Grant Show


October 2–November 3, 10 AM–4 PM
Jewett Art Center 200 Art Gallery

This two-person exhibition focuses on the work of Meghan Grubb ’05 and Zsofia Schweger ’12, recipients of the 2015–16 Alice C. Cole ’42 Studio Project Grant. 

Explorations of home and personal space coexist with flattened form and tightly controlled color in Zsofia Schweger’s paintings. Her current thinking on stillness and duration as it applies to interior scenes informs her examinations of the way that a static medium can convey a sense of passing time.

Rooted in questions on how a powerful and mysterious non-physical experience might arise out of the physical, Meghan Grubb strives to generate a sense of anxiety and fear, but also a sense of wonder. Through large-scale installations and lyrical sculptures, she maximizes viewers’ physical, sensory, and psychological experiences so that they may be momentarily unhooked from the normative experience of their environment.

Image by Zsofia Schweger ’12

Generously supported by the Alice C. Cole ’42 Art Fund.