Art of Hong Hong

All the Light in a Vivid Dream

Exhibition: Hong Hong

Mar 22, 2018–Apr 27, 2018
Jewett Art Gallery
Free and open to the public

Born in Hefei, China, and currently residing in Connecticut, Hong Hong's innovative large-scale papermaking processes and ephemeral landscape installations merge traditional techniques with the effects of weather, nature, and other unpredictable factors. The resulting pieces feature sweeping abstract compositions of color and texture, while the scale of the pieces gives them a sculptural presence. An element of performance is essential to her practice as well, where the process of Hong Hong making the work becomes as much a part of the piece as the resulting paper.

In addition to her exhibition in the Jewett Art Gallery, Hong Hong will lead an intensive, papermaking workshop on Sunday, April 22 from 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM in PNW 103. In conjunction with the Book Arts Lab, this workshop will introduce attendees to Hong Hong's production techniques, while discussing historic and typical methods of papermaking, alongside the application of contemporary processes and creative intervention.

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Hong Hong