Image of artist Mimi Onuoha

What is Missing is Still There

A lecture by Mimi Onuoha
Apr 23, 2019, 4:30 PM
PNE 239
Free and open to the public

A lecture on art, data, and power by Mimi Onuoha. Onuoha is a Nigerian-American, Brooklyn-based new media artist and researcher whose work deals with the missing and obscured remnants forged from a society based on automation. Through layerings of code, text, interventions, and objects, she seeks to explore the ways in which people are abstracted, represented, and classified. Onuoha is fascinated by how metrified societies require the fluid, organic, messiness of people to be secured, tagged, categorized, and abstracted. In a world mediated by computers, everything begins to look like data, and that which doesn't fit the mold is at risk of being forgotten.

Presented by: CLCE, Computer Science, Media Arts & Sciences, Peace & Justice, Philosophy, and Women's & Gender Studies.