close up image of blue fabric with white dye pattern

Blue Worlds: Old and New Perspectives on Indigo

Sep 13, 2019, 3–5 PM
Newhouse Center for the Humanities
Free and open to the public

Four artists discuss how they have approached indigo—the plant, the dye, the medium, and the historical phenomenon—in their artistic practices. This panel is held in conjunction with the Davis Museum exhibition Fatimah Tuggar: Home’s Horizons (September 13 through December 15). Fatimah Tuggar, a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow, will discuss her multimedia commission for the Davis Museum, Deep Blue Wells, which engages with the indigo dye wells of Kano, Nigeria. Printer, publisher, and designer Ken Botnick will discuss his work adapting textile pattern techniques for paper and book pages. Boston-based artist Stephen Hamilton will share perspectives from his community-based projects. Textile artist Elin Noble will address indigo as one of the many natural dyes that she uses in her teaching and artistic practice.

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Lauren Cote,

Generously supported by:

the Newhouse Center for the Humanities, the Davis Museum, and the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative.