painting of adam and eve nude in the garden of eden, eve is handing adam an apple while a serpent looks on

Newhouse Faculty Series: Julie Walsh

Nicolas Malebranche, Eve, and the Fall of Eden
Oct 1, 2019, 4:30–6 PM
Newhouse Center for the Humanities
Free and open to the public

Newhouse Center faculty fellow Julie Walsh discusses her latest research, which explores the question of whether women are intrinsically morally corrupt. Eve’s role in the fall of Eden might suggest that they are, but Walsh argues that what happened in the garden is much more complicated.

Walsh will discuss how the French priest and philosopher Nicolas Malebranche’s views on women are not a damning as they first appear by following the thread of his discussion of Eve, original sin, and the fall of Eden.

Julie Walsh is an assistant professor of philosophy at Wellesley College.

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