black and white drawing of a nude figure next to a fire, illustrating the nervous system reflex to heat

*CANCELLED*Brainstorming: An Interdisciplinary Panel Featuring Wellesley Faculty

Apr 7, 4:30–6 PM
Newhouse Center for the Humanities
Free and open to the public

Have you ever wondered what a mind actually is? Or whether it is distinct from a brain? Or about how a mind communicates with a body? Or whether we could—or should—artificially create a mind?

This event is a cross-disciplinary conversation about historical and contemporary attempts to answer these questions. Panelists from four disciplines will give short presentations touching on the questions as they relate to their areas of expertise. A discussion, with the aim of making chronological and conceptual connections from the early modern period to today, will follow.

Panelists: Julie Walsh (philosophy); Rebecca Summerhays (writing program); Catherine Wearing (philosophy); Eni Mustafaraj and Peter Mawhorter (computer science); and Mike Wiest (neuroscience). Moderator: Eve Zimmerman, director of the Newhouse Center.