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*CANCELLED* Cinematic Offerings from AdeRisa Productions

The Importance of Representation: Cinematic Offerings from AdeRisa Productions
Apr 15, 4:30–6:30 PM, Apr 16, 12:45 PM
Collins Cinema (screenings) and the Newhouse Center for the Humanities (workshop)
Free and open to the public

Film screenings and discussions of the importance of representation in film and the opportunities independent films offer marginalized communities as they seek to tell their own stories.

This two-day event includes screenings of various short films from AdeRisa Productions, under the direction of Adelina Anthony and Marisa Becerra. Their company focuses on producing Two Spirit, LGBTQ+POC films with an emphasis on Xicana/o/x, Chicanx, Mexican, and Latinx stories. The first event includes a discussion with Anthony and Becerra and a screening of six award-winning short films: The Good Kind (2014), Gold Star (2016), Amigas with Benefits (2017), Guarding Santos (2019), Ode to Pablo (2019), and La Serenata (2019). The second event is a workshop designed for students interested in creating and funding independent films.

Generously supported by:

Women's and Gender Studies, LGBTQ Office, Latinx Advisor Office, Cinema and Media Studie, Education, American Studies, Latin American Studies, Spanish, Media Arts and Sciences, English and Creative Writing, Latinx Studies Minor