Image of Shellyne Rodriguez

A Lecture by Shellyne Rodriguez

Unapologetically Didactic: On Radical Pedagogy, the Third World Mixtapes, and the Infrastructure of Feelings
Nov 9, 4:30–6 PM
Newhouse Lounge
Free and open to the public

What is a mixtape? A curated collection of songs that build an atmosphere. Each song contributes to the whole experience. What if we thought about this as a metaphor for how people and cultures struggle and thrive together on the margins of the metropolis? What potentials exist for collective power? What could we learn from each other? Third World Mixtapes and the Infrastructure of Feelings was a month-long exhibition of 22 drawings by Shellyne Rodriguez. Alongside the drawings, the gallery space was converted into a public space for political education and discussions, bringing together renown scholars, movement elders, community organizers, students and members of many communities to engage with the work and its implications in our lived experiences.  This talk will sort through the specificities of the drawings and discussions throughout the exhibition and the broader ideas that make Rodriguez’s work unapologetically didactic. 

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