Shakespeare Festival Keynote Panel

Shakespeare on the Globe and Global Stage(s) with Tiffany Stern and Hyonu Lee

Saturday, April 23, 2016 - 4:15pm
Collins Cinema

The Shakespeare on the Global Stage festival celebrates the global reach of Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. The Festival will feature talks by eminent scholars from around the world that will highlight the on-going and volatile evolution of Shakespeare from the original Globe stage to the global stage, and a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Yohangza, an internationally acclaimed theatre troupe from Seoul, South Korea. The festival will begin on April 23 at 4:15 PM with the Keynote Lecture, followed by the Yohanza performance at 7:00 PM and will continue a few days later with Stephen Greenblatt's lecture on April 27 at 7:00 PM. Please see the related links for more information about each event. 

Professor of Early Modern Drama at the University of Oxford, Tiffany Stern, will address "Shakespeare on the Globe Stage." She is the world's most recognized scholar on the performance practices and material conditions of Shakespeare's time. Whether in the rehearsal room, the library, or simply while in attendance at a performance, our understanding of Shakespeare has been profoundly reshaped by Professor Stern's work. At many companies, rehearsal practices have undergone a revolution, while editorial conventions at various publishers have changed in ways that have altered readers' experiences of Shakespeare.  She is the author of numerous articles and books, including Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan (2000), Shakespeare in Parts (2007) and Documents of Performance in Early Modern England (2009)).  She has also edited editions of drama and collected essays. 

Hyonu Lee is a theatre practitioner as well as professor of english at Soon Chung Hyang University in South Korea, and he will discuss "Shakespeare on the Global Stage." Professor Lee has directed plays ranging from Coriolanus and The Taming of the Shrew to the First Quarto version of Hamlet. He was awarded the 2012 PAF stage director award for directing Thérèse Raquin. As a scholar, he has written many articles on Shakespeare in performance across the globe, and has also edited (as first author) the book collection, Glocalizing Shakespeare in Korea and Beyond (2009). He is also the author, in Korean, of Shakespeare: Audience, Stage, and Texts (2004) and the translator of Seneca’s Oedipus (2007). Additionally, he is editor of the journal of the Classic and Renaissance English Literature Association of Korea and Multicultural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation, and Performance and the performance director of Shakespeare Association of Korea. Dr. Lee is currently a visiting scholar to the Center for Korean Studies. 

A reception in the Davis Museum lobby will follow the panel and precede Yohangza's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream at 7:00 PM. Reservations are recommended for the Yohanza performance, but are not required for the keynote panel.

Presented by the Susan and Donald Newhouse Center, and generously funded by the Moffet Fund (Medieval-Renaissance Studies), the Marjorie Coplan Baum Memorial Fund, the Treves Fund, Arts Council Korea, English Department, Office of the Provost, The Korea Foundation, Wellesley College Theatre and Wellesley Repertory Theatre, East Asian Languages and Cultures, East Asian Studies, The Mayling Soong Foundation, The Partnership for Diversity and Inclusion, and with additional support from the Korean Student Association, Asian Student Union, and Shakespeare Society.