Accidents, Injuries & Emergencies

Accidents, Injuries and Emergencies

Incidents - Fire, HazMat, Injury, etc.

All incidents involving students, employees, contractors, visitors should be reported on the Incident Report Form. This includes fires, hazardous material spills/releases, indoor air quality issues, etc.

Reporting Accidents & Injuries

Employees (including Student Employees)
Employee Accidents & Injuries must be reported and filed with Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety within 24 hours.

  • Human Resources Accident Report & Treatment A.R.T. Form
  • The ART Form's second page is the Supervisors Accident Investigation Report. This should be filled out for all incidents.
  • Questions: Contact HR at x3303. Fax number is x3663

Contact Wellesley College Health Services.

Laboratory Accidents

Students involved in a lab accident should report to their lab instructor immediately. Use the Science Center Incident Report Form.

All employees should follow the procedure noted above under Accidents & Injuries. If the incident involves hazardous materials immediately report to the Science Center (x3000), EHS (x3882) and/or Campus Police (x5555).

Laboratory Spills

Wellesley College Science Center's Chemical Hygiene Plan Emergency Procedures

The American Chemical Society Guide for Chemical Spill Response Planning in Labs

Hazardous Material Release (Chemicals, Biologicals, Oils, etc.)

Small spills can be cleaned up by the user if prepared, trained and spill response equipment is readily available.

  • Evaluate the situation (including a review of the SDS)
  • Notify manager/supervisor
  • Secure the area
  • Control and contain spill
  • Clean up
  • Decontaminate
  • Ensure proper disposal of spill material

For large spills, unknown materials, or extremely hazardous materials, immediately secure & post the area. Contact Campus Police 24/7 at x5555 and or EHS at x3882 during work hours.

Large spills may require reporting to local, state or federal agencies. Contact EHS at x3882 to ensure proper reporting.

Shelter in Place

Run, Hide, Fight - Departement of Homeland Security Active Shooter Preparedness Video

Contact Wellesley College Campus Police (ext. 2121) for more information.


National Library of Medicine - Disaster Information Management Research Center