Science Center Construction Update - Week of 3/9/20

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Pedestrian Impacts:
West Side of L-Wing (Area A) – Lifts will be positioned in this area to complete the separation of the stairway wall.
Christmas Tree Alley – Starting the week of March 16th, truck traffic will increase with dump trailers taking debris off site.
South Side of L-Wing (Area D) - Toward the end of the week of March 9th, the path will be closed for a day while steel is removed from the front porch. Toward the end of the week of March 16th, the path will be closed for two days to install new steel for the front porch.
Sage Circle/Entry (Area F) –Temporary walkways and the site fence have been installed around the new addition. Activity in the circle will include deliveries and placement of dumpsters. Starting the week of March 16th, dump trailers will be loaded with demolition debris to be hauled off site. Lifts and regulated material will be removed from the site.
Inside the Building:
L-Wing (Area E) – Classes are in session.
E-Wing – New mechanical piping and ductwork will be installed. Noisy work will be limited to the hours before 8:00 AM and / or on Saturdays. Any cut-overs will be coordinated prior to work taking place.

The Focus will remain offline until construction is complete in the Fall of 2021. Barriers have been installed between E-Wing and L-Wing to mitigate noise and dust. E-Wing and L-Wing will remain open for the duration of construction.
Separation has commenced. Saw cutting and slab removal will continue in the old auditorium and along the north wall of Focus. Concrete saws will be used for all cutting, while chipping guns and brocks will be used for the slab demolition. Demolition of Sage Hall will start next week at the east end of the building. The high reach excavator will sit on the area B side of Sage for this early activity.

Outside the Building:
E-Wing/Research Green House (Area B) – Lifts and regulated material will be removed from site. The high reach excavator will start to demolish the east end of Sage Hall from this location.
South Side of L-Wing (Area D) – Front porch steel will be removed towards the end of the week of March 9th and replaced at the end of the week of March 16th.
L-Wing Lay-Down Area – No activities are currently taking place. The temporary walkway up to the loading dock will remain in place.
General- Regular deliveries to the building will continue. Pedestrian pathways have been defined around the area and will be maintained indefinitely.


*Science Project Traffic Advisory –

With the commencement of the Sage Building demolition, large truck traffic has increased between the construction site by Whitten House to Rt 135 using College Road.  All our sub-contractors have been informed of the pedestrian pathways, the importance of respecting crosswalks and other major intersections along this route. We would like to ask our community to take note of this increase in traffic and the nature of these types of vehicles. The large trucks are not able to stop at the same rate as smaller vehicles and there are some blind spots throughout the route that make it challenging to see pedestrians. We are asking our community to take note of this traffic change and minimizing texting, headphone use, and other activities that limit your ability to perceive traffic conditions is highly recommended while using crosswalks. The project will be installing additional pedestrian and truck signage along the route to call attention to this as well.

Thank you for your patience during the exciting project!


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