Science Center Construction Update - Week of 1/13/20

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Pedestrian Impacts:
West Side of L-Wing (Area A) – This area will be part of the construction site except for the emergency egress only exit path.
Christmas Tree Alley – No deliveries are expected during this time.
South Side of L-Wing (Area D) – Work is complete. The pathway is open to pedestrians.
Sage Circle/Entry (Area F) – Work for Sage is underway. Temporary walkways and the site fence have been installed around the new addition. Activity in the circle will include deliveries, placement of dumpsters and removal of demolition materials from inside and on the roofs of Sage. A crane will be set up to remove the trusses from Micro and Mini Focus.
Inside the Building:
L-Wing (Area E) – Day 3 extra work is in progress. The majority of the noisy should be complete by the middle of next week. Programming of new controls, balancing, painting, etc. will  continue through next week with the work fully complete by the week of January 20th.
E-Wing – No major Day 3 work is planned for E-Wing. The last of the trusses are being removed from Mini Focus.

The Focus will remain offline until construction is complete in the Fall of 2021. Barriers have been installed between E-Wing and L-Wing to mitigate noise and dust. E-Wing and L-Wing will remain open for the duration of construction.
Steel to support Sage Wall and the pipe riser has been completed. Shoring has been installed at the Sage wall so that the building can be separated from the wall. Separation will be take place after the removal of the parapets has taken place. Lifts and jack hammers will be used for this work.
Outside the Building:
E-Wing/Research Green House (Area B) – Preparation work for demolition will begin. Operations including wheel washes, will be set up in this area. Debris will be loaded out with the use of the excavator that will remove the lower section of Sage.
South Side of L-Wing (Area D) - Lighting will be installed in the porch rails.
L-Wing Lay-Down Area – No activities are currently taking place. The temporary walkway up to the loading dock will remain in place.
General- Regular deliveries to the building will continue. Pedestrian pathways have been defined around the area and will be maintained indefinitely. 


If you have any construction related questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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