Sustainable Vendor and Service Policies

Construction & Renovation: We follow LEED Gold standards for all construction and renovation projects. That standard drives us to choose LEED Gold building materials where possible and sustainable furnishings. 

Chemically intensive products and services: Our grounds crew follows an IPM plan which minimizes the use of chemicals to the extent possible. For cleaning products we try to buy the equivalent of a Green Seal certified product. Additionally, our custodians are provided with microfiber cloths to use in cleaning and are trained to maintain daily upkeep that prevents more chemically intensive cleaning processes in the long run. Regarding floor maintenance, we supply our custodians with American Lung Association certified vacuums and have recently purchased a water-efficient floor scrubber. 

Wood and Paper Products: Wellesley College has an institution wide preference to purchase recycled content office paper. All toilet paper purchased by the college is EPA compliant and contains at least 20% recycled material. Our paper towel rolls are LEED-EB certified and paper towels are not provided in all dorms on campus in an effort to reduce paper towel consumption. 

Transportation and fuels: When vehicles have reached the end of their lifetime, we replace them with more sustainable options, including electric vehicles. For example, the large mowers used on our golf course were replaced with electric versions. Additionally, we have negotiated a new contract for our bus service to Boston which will vary vehicle size based upon ridership throughout the day, reducing emissions.