Eco-Reps & Sustainable Living Certification

The Eco-Rep Program

Eco-Reps sit on House Councils and are environmental advocates for their Residence Halls. Each residence hall has one or two Eco-Reps, who share sustainability announcements and support sustainable programming in the dorms.

Eco-Rep projects include the composting program, recycling education, bi-annual clothing swaps, Sustainabili-teas and so much more! If you are interested in becoming an Eco-Rep, contact your House Council for more information. 

Or if you would like to learn how to be more sustainable in your residence hall, contact your Eco-Rep to learn about upcoming events or check out our Sustainable Living Certification Program below!


Sustainable Living Certification Program

The Sustainable Living Certification Program is a way to inspire the Wellesley students to have sustainable living practices and contribute to the college’s commitment to the environment, as sustainability is one of our college core values. Through gaining the different levels of certification, room residents will collect prizes and show off their achievements and their own commitment to the environment. 

Interested students/residents will participate in a simple audit process in which they will have to comply with a list of sustainable standards. The audit itself will be based on your everyday habits. The idea is to reduce the amount of energy used, waste created, and chemicals put into the environment through these sustainable habits. While each action seems small, collectively, they make a significant difference.

The Sustainable Living Certification Program will return in Fall 2020.