Green Department Certification

Green Department Certification

Wellesley's Green Department Certification program is designed to educate, support, and recognize departments that want to engage in more environmentally sustainable practices. By completing the certification checklist, your department can learn more about sustainable changes and become leaders on campus. 

Any group that considers itself to be a geographically-unified “department” (including academic departments, staff offices, and other groups of individuals who share common spaces) are eligible for certification. The new certification process is completely electronic, making it easier to apply and keep track of your progress while you apply, and afterwards if you wish to obtain a higher level of certification. 

Basic requirements for applying include: 

  • At least 75% of employees working in your office must agree to participate
  • Each participating employee must complete the individual office member checklist
  • Each department must select a Green Champion who will act as a liaison with our office and consolidate the individual checklists into the overall department certification checklists
  • Offices must meet with the Sustainability Office post-submittal to review their certification checklist and receive their certificate 
  • Certification checklists may be started at anytime, though there are submission deadlines every semester to give Sustainability Interns time to review materials before the end of the semester
  • Spring 2020 submissions have been postponed until further notice

To learn more about the process, review the sample checklist or check out our FAQs below. If you would like to receive the certification checklist materials or have any questions, please reach out to with your request. 



What does the Green Champion do?

The Green Champion will lead your department through the certification process. This is a great opportunity for professional development, and with the new electronic certification checklist, it is a fairly low-commitment position with a high-level of impact in your work space!

Can anyone be a Green Champion?

Yes! The Green Champion just needs to be a member of your department who is willing to lead the certification process.

I’m a one-person department, can I still apply?

Technically yes, since the only requirement is that 75% of your department participates. However, if you do not want to certify by yourself, you can expand your “department” to include others you may share a floor or common space with. If you’re not sure what option is best for you, reach out to and we’ll help you figure it out. 

Is there a limit on the number of people who can participate?

There is technically no cap, but  keep in mind that your green champion needs to process each individual checklist for the overall scorecard. If your department is more than 20 people, spread across multiple floors, and/or has multiple shared common spaces, consider dividing up your department and selecting Green Champion for each sector. This will make the certification process more straightforward for your department and more manageable for your Green Champion

Can student interns participate in the certification?

Yes! The participation of at least 75% of long-term members is required for participation in the certification process, but you may include anybody who is currently working in your department as well. 

How long does it take to fill out the certification checklist?

The individual checklist component should take each person 10 minutes or less. The Green Champion’s responsibility of compiling the individual checklists and completing the larger checklist should take about 2 hours, though this varies depending on the size of the department.

How long are the certification valid for?

Certifications are valid for three years. The field of sustainability is always changing; recertification will help departments stay current!

What are the award levels?
  • Bronze: score of 50-64% on the certification checklist
  • Silver: score of 65-79% on the certification checklist
  • Gold: score of 80-89% on the certification checklist
  • Platinum: score of 90-100% on the certification checklist
Who has been certified so far?


  • Slater International Center


  • Davis Museum (Spring 2020)