Faculty Profiles

  • Professor of American Studies
    A.B., Harvard College; B.A., M.A., Trinity College (Cambridge); M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

    Interdisciplinary scholar with focus on American literature; biographer of the James family; historian of the Belle Époque.

  • Diana Chapman Walsh Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
    B.A., Binghamton University ; M.S., University of Lyon; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

    Research interests include sociolinguistics, language variation & change, varieties of English, and the language varieties of the African diaspora. 

  • Visiting Lecturer in Africana Studies
    B.A., M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University

    African Diasporic cosmologies, sacred ontologies; Afro-Caribbean cultural expressions and identity; slavery and the Afro-Atlantic world; sacred sexualities and gender.

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry
    B.A., St. Olaf College; Ph.D., University of Illinois

    Interests include nanoscience and biomaterials for environmental and medical applications; teaching in analytical chemistry and nanoscience.

  • Phyllis Henderson Carey Professor of Music
    B.A., Oberlin College; Certificate, The Royal Conservatory of The Hague; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University

    Research and Teaching Interests: Early Music, Women Composers, Symphonic and Chamber Music Repertoire, J.S. Bach

  • Visiting Lecturer in Classical Studies
    B.A., University of Texas (Austin); Ph.D., University of California (Irvine)

    Specializes in the intersection between gender, genre, and sexual violence in Latin poetry; the relationship between Seneca’s tragedy and philosophy; Latin language pedagogy; teaches all levels of Latin and Greek language and courses on Greek and Roman literature and culture.

  • Louise Sherwood McDowell and Sarah Frances Whiting Professor of Astrophysics; Professor of Astronomy
    B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University

    Planetary astronomer, fascinated by planetary rings and atmospheres, committed to teaching science, and a devotee of all the liberal arts.

  • Grace Slack McNeil Professor of American Art; Professor of Art
    A.B., Radcliffe College; M.Phil., University of London; Ph.D., Harvard University

    Interested in building an interdisciplinary, feminist approach to architecture through research, teaching, and public education.

  • Visiting Lecturer in German Studies
    M. Phil., University of Vienna; Ph.D., New York University

    Research areas: Literary Studies, Environmental Humanities.

  • Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
    M.A., Ph.D., Boston University

    Academic focus includes authorship, textual strategies, and the fashioning of subjectivity. Passionate about teaching and her commitment to students.

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
    B.A., M.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., Princeton University

    Works on ancient Greek philosophy, with emphasis on ancient ethics and moral psychology.

  • Professor of Religion
    A.B., Princeton University; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University

    Interests include the Jewish and Christian communities of the Roman Empire, women in the Biblical world, and the history of Jerusalem.

  • Professor of History
    B.A., Dartmouth College; Ph.D., Yale University

    Historian of China/Inner Asia; research on intersection of empire and ethnicity in the 1700s, and on the links between business, state-building, and inequality in the 20th century.

  • Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics
    B.S., Northeastern University

    Educates and empowers others to optimal health by sharing passion for and expertise in exercise with yoga, Pilates, coaching, training.

  • Instructor in Geosciences Laboratory
    B.A., Smith College; M.S., University of Miami

    Focused on stable isotope geochemistry and physical geology.

  • Professor of Classical Studies
    B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California (Berkeley)

    Interests include gender, sexuality, and the erotics of place and time in the ancient world, as well as using Classics to foster interdisciplinary discussion.

  • Professor of Psychology
    A.B., Dartmouth College; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

    Developmental psychologist studying relationships, real and imagined, with a focus on young children's imaginary companions.

  • Associate Professor of Neuroscience
    B.Sc., M.Sc., Leiden University; Ph.D., Utrecht (The Netherlands)

    Investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying animal behavior, using songbirds as a model system to study learning and memory.

  • Mildred Lane Kemper Professor of Political Science; Paula Phillips Bernstein ’58 Faculty Director of the Albright Institute for Global Affairs
    A.B., University of Chicago; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

    Researching issues of international security with a specific focus on legitimacy, rising powers, and territorial conflict.


  • Assistant Professor of Music
    B.A., University of California (Los Angeles); M.A., University of California (San Diego); Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles)

    Ethnomusicologist and popular music scholar of Brazil, Latin America, and Luso-Africa; Jazz and the African Diaspora; Audiovisual Media; global music industry

  • Associate Professor of English
    B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Ph.D., Rutgers University

    Queer literary studies, including representations of HIV/AIDS; transatlantic Modernism, including the Harlem Renaissance; and the 20C Novel.

  • Associate Professor of Japanese
    B.A., Westmont College; M.A., Columbia University; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

    Focused on Japanese language, literature, and culture.

  • Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
    B.S., Rhodes College; M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

    Cell biologist using fission yeast to study regulatory mechanisms of conserved, essential cellular processes.

  • Evelyn Barry Director of the Choral Program; Lecturer in Music
    B.A., Sonoma State College; M.M., D.M.A., University of Southern California

    Conductor of Choral Program, including Choir, Chamber Singers, and Choral Scholars.

  • Associate Professor of History
    B.A., Yale University; Ph.D., Harvard University

    Historian of early American and Native American history, English colonialism and cultural encounters, environmental history, and violence in American history.

  • Jane Bishop '51 Associate Professor of Political Science
    B.A., College of William and Mary; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University

    Researches and teaches political theory, with a focus on grassroots organizing and the politics of race, ethnicity, and culture.

  • Associate Professor of Art
    B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Delaware

    Art historian examining African and African American identities, music, the body, and feminism in 20th century and contemporary art. 

  • Associate Professor of History
    B.A., Beloit College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Madison)

    Historian of race, gender, and culture in 20th century U.S. with focus on African American business and visual culture.

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
    B.A., Wesleyan University; Ph.D., University of California (Santa Cruz)

    Ecologist focusing on invasive plant population dynamics and environmental influences.

  • Associate Professor of History
    A.B., Harvard University; M.Phil., Cambridge University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California (Berkeley)

    Intellectual and cultural historian of early modern Europe.

  • Professor of French and Francophone Studies
    B.A., Cornell University; D.E.A., Ecole Normale Superieure & Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales; J.D., Ph.D., New York University

    Specialist of contemporary French society. Interested in the media, gender and sexuality in France and the European Union.

  • Visiting Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies
    B.A. Northeastern Illinois University, M.A. The University of Wisconsin, Madison PhD Arizona State University

    Gender and Migration/Gender, Race, Poverty/Transnational Feminism/Intersectionality Theory


  • Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
    B.A., College of William & Mary; M.A., New York University; Ph.D. UC Berkeley

    Media History and Theory, Cinema History and Theory, Digital Technology, Visual Culture, Virtual Reality (VR), Technological Subjectivity.

  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    B.A., Middlebury College; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

    Specializes in gender, race, and philosophy of language in colonial Latin American literature and visual culture; digital humanities and blended learning; history of clothing and of food; cultural exchanges between Eastern Europe and Latin America.


  • Associate Professor of Spanish
    B.A., Soka University of America; M.A., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

    Specialized in 19th and 20th century Latin American literature and culture; also interested in trans-pacific studies.

  • Whitehead Associate Professor of Critical Thought; Associate Professor of Peace & Justice Studies
    B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., Ph.D., Emory University

    Research on how marginalized communities such as Palestinian refugees improve their well-being.


  • Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Physics
    B.A., Wellesley College; M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    I am a researcher, entrepreneur and teacher with a passion for invention and recognizing and increasing underrepresented voices in science.

  • Senior Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
    B.A., Russell Sage College; Ph.D., Tufts University
  • Senior Lecturer in Spanish
    B.A., Smith College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

    Specialized in 19th- through 21st-century literature with a focus on Hispanic American narrative and the literary and cultural history of modern Mexico, I am a bilingual scholar, book editor, translator and teacher.

  • Music Performance Faculty in Trombone and Jazz Trombone
    B.M. University of Delaware; M.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music
  • Conductor, Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra
    B.M., Eastman School of Music; M.M., Boston University

    Director of Orchestras, Brandeis University and Wellesley College

  • Associate Professor of German Studies
    A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University

    Focuses on gender, identity, and subjectivity in German film, literature, and culture; teaches at all levels of German curriculum; research on independent films made in Austria in the 1930s and on Weimar cinema.

  • Visiting Lecturer in Women's & Gender Studies
    B.A., Harvard College ; M.S., Harvard School of Public Health ; Ph.D., Harvard University

    Global Health and Community Medicine, Development, Evidence and Ethics

  • Senior Lecturer in Education
    B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University

    Study of educational philosophy, policy, and practice, and the social sciences, humanities, and other studies relevant to them. 

  • Visiting Lecturer in Political Science
    B.A., Northern Kentucky University; M.A., Ph.D., Georgia State University

    My primary research and teaching interests lie in political psychology and political behavior, focusing on political violence in American elections.

  • Senior Music Performance Faculty in Double Bass
    B.M., Berklee College of Music; M.M., University of Massachusetts (Lowell)

    Performer with jazz groups, classical and theatre orchestras; instructor of beginners to advanced in doublebass and electric bass.

  • Senior Instructor in Computer Science Laboratory
    B.S., University of Wisconsin (Madison); M.S., University of Rhode Island

    Expert in computer hardware: the nuts and bolts (or, gates and chips) that make a computer work.

  • Class of 1919 – 50th Reunion Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies
    B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University

    * Researches the complexities of contemporary reproduction and how the intersection of reproductive technology, social media, and the wish for intimacy are expanding our ideas about families. 

    * Researches families in a changing economy and how social inequality at home and in the workplace shape the experiences of women and men.

  • Associate Professor of English
    A.B., Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

    Specialist in English Romanticism; teaches Romantic Poetry and other literature courses with an emphasis on poetry.

  • Professor of Computer Science
    B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Research on human vision combining computer modeling and perceptual studies; interdisciplinary computer science education.

  • Professor of Economics
    A.B., Occidental College; M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

    Focuses on the history of American business organizations and their governance, and more generally on the role of legal institutions in shaping economic and financial development.

  • Professor of Mathematics
    B.S., Brooklyn College of City University of New York; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    An algebraic topologist who works on homotopy theory in model categories, localizations of model category structures, and homotopy limit and colimit functors.

  • Professor of Russian
    B.A., Pomona College; M.A., Oxford University; A.M., Ph.D., Stanford University

    Interests include history of 19th-century Russian literature, Russian nature-writing, and Russian music.

  • Music Performance Faculty in Piano
    B.M., M.M., New England Conservatory of Music
  • Associate Professor of Education
    B.A., M.T., University of Virginia; Ed.D., Harvard University

    Explores school-community relationships in K-12 urban schools with an emphasis on race, immigration, and culture.

  • Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies
    B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.F.A., Brandeis University

    A professional scenic designer based in Boston.

  • Professor of Physics
    B.S., Beijing University; M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University

    Experimental and theoretical work in complex fluids, mentoring students, using advanced computational tools in undergraduate physics curriculum.

  • Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory
    B.A., Xiantang University; Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles)

    Research areas: inorganic, organic, supramolecular, catalyst, medicinal, and material chemistries.  

  • Music Performance Faculty in Harp
    B.M., Boston University; M.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music
  • Visiting Lecturer in Korean
    B.A., Inha University; M.A., Yonsei University; M.A., Fuller Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Yonsei University

    Focused on Korean language pedagogy, language learning experience, identity in language learning and teaching, and metacognition.

  • Lecturer in Portuguese
    B.A., University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth); M.A., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

    Research interests include Contemporary Lusophone African, Brazilian and Portuguese Literature and Film in general, and the short story in particular. 


  • Jean Glasscock Professor of Sociology
    B.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
  • Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian Studies & English
    B.A., M.A., University of Catania (Italy); Ph.D., Scuola Normale Superiore (Italy)

    Teaches medieval Italian and comparative literature; works on the manuscript transmission of late medieval texts and reading practices.

  • Elisabeth Luce Moore Postdoctoral Fellow in Religion
    B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.T.S., Emory University ; Th.D., Harvard University

    Scholar of Biblical Studies with a focus on the Hebrew Bible, its ancient Near Eastern context, and the history of its interpretation.

  • Class of 1949 Professor in Ethics; Professor of American Studies; Dean of Academic Affairs
    A.B., Swarthmore College; Ph.D., Harvard University

    Qualitative sociologist focusing on race, class, gender, and cultural production.

  • PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice
    B.A., Hamilton College; M.Ed., The College of New Jersey

    Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach

  • Senior Music Performance Faculty in Viola da Gamba
    B.A., Wheaton College; M.M., Yale University

    Specialist in early music string playing. Plays repertory from the medieval, Renaissance & baroque eras with internationally-known ensembles.

  • Music Instructor in Organ and Harpsichord and College Organist
    B.M., Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory of Music ; M.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music; D.M.A., Eastman School of Music

    Erica Johnson is a Boston based organist and clavichordist. She recently joined the faculty of Wellesley College as College Organist and Instructor in Organ.

  • Senior Lecturer in the Writing Program
    B.A., Haverford College; Ph.D., Yale University

    I am the director of the Writing Program and senior lecturer in writing.

  • Associate Professor of Music
    B.A., Barnard College; M.M., Manhattan School of Music; Ph.D., New York University

    Composer, sound artist, and music scholar.

  • Director, Wellesley College Botanic Gardens; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
    B.S., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of California

    Ecologist with a dual Wellesley role: Director of the Botanic Gardens and faculty member in Biology and Environmental Studies.

  • Professor of Political Science
    B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University

    My area of research interest is contemporary Chinese politics and ideology, particularly the radicalism of Mao Zedong and its impact on China's political and economic development.

  • Assistant Professor of Art
    B.Arch, University of Houston; M.F.A, New York University

    Video and installation artist working at the intersection of landscape, history, and memory.

  • M. Margaret Ball Professor of International Relations; Professor of Economics
    B.S.F.S., Georgetown University; M.A., Ph.D., Boston University

    Research deals with financial globalization; teaches courses in macroeconomics.

  • Senior Instructor in Computer Science Laboratory
    B.S., National Technical University (Athens, Greece); M.S., Brown University

    Teaches introduction to computer science for majors and non-majors, as well as data structures.

  • Lecturer in Sociology
    B.A., Brandeis University; Ph.D., Harvard University
  • Elizabeth Kimball Kendall and Elisabeth Hodder Professor of History
    B.A., Universiteit van Amsterdam; M.A., University of London; Doctoraal, Ph.D., Universiteit van Amsterdam

    African historian focusing on Somalia and Sudan with a long-term research and teaching focus on the history of Africa, the Middle East, and Islam in Africa; translator of historical and popular culture texts in Arabic and Somali.

  • Professor of Anthropology
    B.A., College of Wooster; M.A., Brandeis University; M.A., Bryn Mawr College; M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

    Social anthropologist doing research,  writing and teaching on the topics of health, illness and cancer.

  • Denise Kellen '68 Professor in the Health Sciences; Professor of Psychology
    A.B., Harvard College; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Psychology Department chair; Interested in exploring the cognitive and neural bases of human memory capacities; teach courses in memory, cognition, and neuropsychology.

  • Katharine and Claudine Malone '63 Professor of Mathematics
    B.A., Wellesley College; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

    Research in global Riemannian geometry, especially the interplay of curvature constraints in the context of large symmetry groups.

  • Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women; Lecturer in Economics
    Diploma in Economics, University of Kent at Canterbury; M.A., Ph.D., University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

    Researcher on labor economics and entrepreneurship, with specific focus on women, education and immigration.

  • Associate Professor of Economics
    B.A., Bilkent University; M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D., Yale University

    Applied micro-economist focusing primarily on the environmental challenges facing decision makers in developed and developing countries

  • Visiting Lecturer in Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences
    B.A., Wellesley College; M.Phil., Ph.D., University of Oxford

    Research interests include the relationship between spoken and written language, the structure of the mental lexicon, orthographic processing and the acquisition of literacy and skilled reading, and structures of writing systems.

  • Visiting Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies
    A.B., Princeton University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University

    Her research is at the intersection of 20th-21st century French and Francophone literature, translation studies, cultural studies, and book history

  • Senior Music Performance Faculty in Acoustic Guitar and Jazz Guitar
    B.A., Berklee College of Music; M.M. University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

    Guitarist, composer, educator, Mr. Kirby is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and has a Masters degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging from University of Massachusetts (Amherst). As well as his work as string faculty at Wellesley College, he is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and teaches for Berklee online.

  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
    B.S., Beloit College; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Microbiologist, interested in understanding stability and resilience of microbial communities; teaching introductory biology and microbiology

  • Professor of English
    B.A., Columbia University; M.A., Cambridge University (Clare College); Ph.D., Yale University

    Shakespearean engaged in bringing theatre and academia into greater dialogue; can also be found at home with kids or on soccer field.

  • Professor of Religion
    B.A., Carleton College; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia University

    An educator and a scholar in the comparative and historical study of religion with a focus on Asia, as the word "Asia" is understood historically and broadly to include West Asia, South Asia and East Asia.

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
    Diploma, Ph.D., University of Würzburg (Germany)

    Plant physiologist investigating various processes that allow plants to optimize photosynthesis.

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
    B.S., Northwestern University; M.S., University of Kentucky

    Varsity basketball coach; promoting and teaching physical fitness and lifelong positive health habits.

  • Lecturer in Psychology
    B.A., Boston College; Ed.M., Harvard University Graduate School of Education; Ph.D., Boston College

    Personality psychologist interested in family systems theory and sports psychology

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice
    B.A., Franklin Pierce University; M.A., Concordia University

    Coaching and teaching tennis for more than 17 years, including private coaching, club coaching, college coaching, and national teams.

  • Sophia Moses Robison Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and English
    A.B., Harvard College ; Ph.D., University of Michigan

    Research, writing, and teaching at the intersection of Jewish Studies and American literary and cultural studies.

  • Knafel Assistant Professor of Humanities; Assistant Professor of Art
    B.A., Vassar College; M.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art and Design

    Visual artist interested in the photographic representation of Latinx and immigrant communities.

  • Theresa Mall Mullarkey Associate Professor of Mathematics
    B.A., Swarthmore College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Chicago

    Professor Lange's interests are in computability theory, an area of logic that explores the algorithmic content encoded in mathematical problems.

  • Music Performance Faculty in Trombone
    B.A., Oberlin College; B.M., Oberlin Conservatory; M.M., New England Conservatory

    Bass trombonist in the Rhode Island Philharmonic and Vermont Symphony Orchestras; performs frequently with the Boston Symphony and Pops, the Boston Ballet Orchestra, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Opera Boston, and in orchestras and theaters throughout New England and beyond.

  • Senior Music Performance Faculty in Jazz-Rock-Latin Drums
    B.A., Berklee College of Music
  • Lecturer in Mathematics
    B.Math., University of Waterloo; M.Sc., McGill University; Ph.D., Yale University
  • Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies
    B.A., University of Bari (Italy); M.S., University of Edinburgh; M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York (Buffalo)

    In my research I examine representations of violence against women in world cinema and media. I am the Principal Editor of the Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies, and I teach Italian culture and European cinema.

  • Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies
    B.A., M.A., University of California (Santa Cruz); Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles)

    Research focus: nineteenth-century French literature; Interested in postcolonial nineteenth-century studies; travel writing and photography; theories of Orientalism; modern continental thought.