Vous souhaitez y habiter?

To apply for residence in French House, students must complete an application form and turn it in to the French Department.

If you are currently studying abroad, this process may be completed on-line. Simply fill out the provided form on your computer and click on the "Submit" button to email your application form.

The applications will be reviewed and decisions will be sent out well before the regular rooming season for Wellesley College. As there is always a waiting list to live in the house, not all applicants will be admitted. If there is not a space for you during the semester when you apply, there are often openings in the spring semester because of study abroad, and you should let us know to keep your name on the waiting list.

If you have any questions, please contact the director of the French House Marie-Cécile Ganne-Schiermeier at mgannesc@wellesley.edu

Application form


Tour of the French House

To make room selection easier for those abroad, we have included a "house tour" through the bedrooms. The photos are not an accurate representation of the size of the rooms--please see the floorplans for room dimensions. The photos are meant to show you a distinctive part of the room. Also use the floorplans to check the location of the room, considering such issues as noise level and access to facilities.

Click here to visit the Main House


Click here to visit the House Carriage


French House Rules

Each French House resident must:

1. Reside full-time at the French House and contribute to the life and culture of the House.
2. Speak French in common areas, i.e. kitchen, living room, library, and bedrooms (if possible).
3. Attend House meetings.
4. Prepare two meals for the community per semester.
5. Attend House meals (one every two weeks).
6. Participate and help when events are being held at the House, i.e. wine and cheese, open house, and cultural events.
7. Take pride in French House: furniture, rugs, library books, utensils.
8. Respect your fellow housemates by: cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen and bathroom, not smoking in non-smoking designated areas, and maintaining reasonable noise levels at all times.
9. Accept (volunteer for) one of many House duties, such as treasurer, fire chief, mail person, etc.
10. No utensils in bedrooms.
11. Pay treasurer promptly for meals.
12. A reminder: all Residence system rules are in effect. Please see the College Government Handbook for pet legislation (no dogs, cats, etc...) as well as for guest and bathroom policies.
13. Take at least one French course per semester.
14. Attend at least two French Department cultural events.

Rules established by French House residents