Katrin Monecke
(781) 283-3612
B.S., M.S., University of Hannover (Germany); Ph.D., Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland)
143 Science Center

Katrin Monecke

Associate Professor of Geosciences

Sedimentation of tsunami deposits in Southeast Asia, and surficial geology of varied other environments.

I previously taught at Kent State University and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  I am a graduate of the Department of Earth Sciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland.

My research interests include beach ridge formation and coastal progradation in northern Sumatra, sedimentary characteristics of pre-historic tsunamis ("tidal waves") in northern Sumatra and Thailand, and hurricane deposits from Hurricane Katrina.  I also also worked on seismic hazard assessment and paleoseismology from lake deposits, landslides in high mountain areas, and alluvial (stream) deposition in Nepal. I will be teaching a geomorphology course in Fall Semester 2011, and Earth through Time and The Dynamic Earth in the Spring Semester 2012.