Sara F. Langer Award

Sarah F. Langer Award

Awarded to a rising Senior, majoring in geology, who exhibits eager curiosity in the field of geology, a dedication to excellence inside and outside the classroom, and a generosity of spirit in her day-to-day contributions to the College

"To all those who knew her, Sara was the picture of a well‑rounded student, dedicated and committed from the start to the many and varied as­pects of her life. For those who believed that college was merely a place to study and pursue the academic side of life, Sara demonstrated that ful­fillment was better found in broader horizons. The list of her interests and the joy which she found in all aspects of her life are ample proof of the truth and strength of her conviction‑‑a dedicated geologist, member of Sigma Xi, president of the geology club, member of her dorm's crew team, Vil Junior, active participant in dorm government, a counselor (not only to those younger than she but to her contemporaries as well), and good friend. I know I am only one of many who have benefited from Sara's companionship and guidance ‑ ­guidance that was generously given and gratefully received. And despite her full and often hectic schedule, Sara never lost her spontaneity‑‑she was always game for a 3 a.m. jaunt to the Cape for a bagel at sunrise." -Amelia C. Fawcett, President, Class of 1978 


1983 Katherine Freeman                       1999 Jennifer Malmstrom

1984 A. Elizabeth Jones                         2001 Lindsay DeRemer

1985 Katherine Whidden                       2002 Amanda Zoellner

1986 Katherine Sposato                         2005 Cynara Cannatella

1988 Rebecca Mattison                          2007 Mei Ai Khoo

1989 Kathleen Ward                               2008 Asha Stenquist

1990 Deborah Dreyfus                           2009 Alejandra Ortiz and Emily Estes

1991 Cheryl Beekler                                2010 Laura Stevens

1992 Rachel Friedman                           2011  Taylor Sanchez

1994 Karen Sherper                                2012  Marjorie Cantine

 1996 Erica Kruger                                   2013  Sarah George and Caroline Templeton

                                                                      2014  Michaela Fendrock