Prospective Students

The Geoscience Department offers exciting course options and research opportunities to all students.

If you have never taken a science course before, consider Geosciences. Check the courses page for a list of department offerings. Also note that we have some seminar courses that are restricted to enrollment by first year students.

If you are interested in research please visit the student research page and browse the faculty listings. Feel free to contact any faculty member to discuss research opportunities, from an independent study during the semester to summer research to a year-long senior thesis.

Most of our courses contain laboratory and extensive field-based components. These allow students to experience geology first-hand and learn valuable and wide-ranging skills. One of the benefits of a geoscience degree is the broad knowledge you gain about the different processes and systems of the Earth. This knowledge is applicable to a wide range of interests and fields, from oceanography to petrology to environmental geochemistry. Our students become proficient with an extensive range of scientific tools and learn about the diverse range of New England geology.  We also feature more extensive trips to places like Hawaii and New Zealand to examine features (like active volcanoes) not found nearby.

                          Bishop, California