Steering Committee and Subcommittees

The purpose of the Friends of Wellesley College Library is to support the Wellesley College Library, encompassing the Clapp, Art, Music, Astronomy and Science libraries, a vital resource of the College.

The Steering Committee, which meets 3 times per year, implements the programs of the Friends, and consists of the officers, constituted as follows:

  • Two Co-chairs (an alumna and the College Librarian or his/her designee)
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Chairs
  • At large members, who serve on the various committees

The current Committees and their designated tasks are:

Electronic Access   |   Membership   |   Newsletter   |   Nominating
Programs   |   Student Involvement   |   Treasurer

Electronic Access

This Committee will work with Library staff and all Committees to keep the Friends homepages up-to-date; to develop statistics on how many people visit our site; to monitor the effectiveness of the online forms allowing people to pay by credit card for membership, Honor with Books, and note cards (when available). The Committee will explore the following new initiatives to determine their viability: making our programs more accessible to those off-campus (perhaps by putting video clips of programs on our Web Site or offering questions/answers electronically as a follow-up to the program); posting a list of recommended books for individual readers and/or book clubs with comments / annotations / discussion questions; providing a suggestion box for online comments.  Chair: Susan F. Saul '65


The Membership Committee designs membership strategy to attract new members. Works with Resources to keep Membership records current and to analyze the membership base. Works with Electronic Access to develop ways to spur Membership. Ensures that the list of Life Members is accurately maintained and that additional names are added to the Commemorative Book and keepsakes are sent to new Life members. Develops appropriate materials, especially for the All Friends and Lapsed member mailings. Makes regular reports to the Board and seeks Board approval for major new initiatives. Sets up a membership table at each program. Assists with open house for graduating seniors and tours of library during Reunion. Prepares committee budget and authorizes expenditures.


The Newsletter Committee produces a semi-annual FOL newsletter that reports on new developments at the library, activities and purchases sponsored by FOL, and recent trends in library science and the book arts. Committee members, directed by the newsletter editor, contribute articles and photography to the publication in addition to brainstorming new ideas for features.  Chair: Lynda Leahy '66


Meets to select new Officers, if needed, in consultation with the College Librarian and the Library Co-Chair. Evaluates the personnel needs of Steering Committee and seeks new members with interest and time for volunteer service to Friends of the Library. Presents new names to the Steering Committee for approval and contacts candidates to answer questions, provide explanatory materials about the Friends, and explains the Subcommittee responsibilities. Gives names of new Steering Committee members to Co-Chair to contact over the summer with meeting dates and Committee assignment preferences.


The Program Committee coordinates programs for the Friends of the Library. We sponsor these programs to increase the awareness, support, and visibility of the Library on the campus and the surrounding communities. Speakers in the recent past have included book collectors and dealers, alumnae authors and Wellesley faculty. The Committee also sponsors occasional meetings in other cities featuring the Special Collections Librarian, Ruth Rogers. An annual workshop in the Book Arts Laboratory is also sponsored.

Student Involvement

The Student Involvement Committee's purpose is to develop a relationship between Friends of the Library and current Wellesley students. From study breaks that provided snacks and good cheer to weary students toiling away in the libraries before exams to hosting a reception before Commencement in honor of graduating seniors who worked in the libraries, committee volunteers explore new ways to increase recognition of Friends of the Library on campus. The future holds many possibilities for student involvement.  Representatives from this group serve on the Student Library Research Award Selection Committee 


Oversees the Friends finances in collaboration with the College financial officers. Presents an annual budget and regular financial statements to the Committee.