Sexual Violence Education

Sexual Misconduct Awareness & Education

The College encourages students to educate themselves about sexual misconduct and how to play an active role in ending it. Towards this end, the Health Education team offers educational programs regarding sexual violence to the community regularly and upon request, and partners with the student organization SAAFE (Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone).  The Health Education team also regularly partners with other departments and individuals at the College addressing these issues. 

Not Anymore 

All new students are asked to complete Not Anymore, an online education program that provides information about sexual misconduct on college campuses and how to be an active bystander. Not Anymore also provides students with helpful resources available at Wellesley College and in the community.  The program is available to all enrolled students.  

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the program, which takes less than 90 minutes, prior to arriving on campus. Students who wish to complete the program when they have access to on-campus support resources may do so. The information students provide to Not Anymore is completely anonymous. Identifying information is only used to verify completion of the program. 

"From the start, I found the test inclusive towards different identities (race, gender, orientation, disabilities, etc.) ...Moreover, I consider myself well-read in regards to sexual assault-related definitions and statistics, but I still learned a lot from the video and pre/post testing, especially seeing whether I got it right or wrong. In all topics, hearing student's diverse stories and encounters was incredibly eye-opening and impactful towards engaging my awareness and consciousness towards these occurrences.”-Student Leader, Class of 2015

Orientation Programming & Student Leader Training

Before welcoming new students to Wellesley College, student leaders are trained in the dynamics of sexual misconduct and how to assist their peers. During Orientation week, all entering students and student leaders will attend an in person program as well. We will come together to talk about how these issues affect our community specifically and how each one of us can play an active role in ending sexual misconduct.

For more information about sexual misconduct resources, see Title IX at Wellesley College