Peer Health Educators

The following student groups/ organizations are supported by the Health Service and Stone Center Counseling Service.  

Mental Health Educators (MHEs)


The Mental Health Educators are a subgroup of Active Minds at Wellesley. MHEs are specially selected students in every residence hall who can direct students to services on and off campus.  

Contact:  Aggie Rieger 

Active Minds

A student organization for mental health awareness and advocacy. They work to educate students about mental health, mental illness, and available resources, as well as strive to create a safe environment for the discussion of mental health, and advocate for the rights and needs of students with mental health issues.

Contact:  Aggie Rieger 

Balance Health Educators (BHEs)

The Balance Health Educators is a student organization whose goal is to promote health and wellness at Wellesley College. The BHEs emphasize the importance of living a balanced lifestyle through programming focusing mainly on sleep, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and alcohol education.

Contact: Jelena Begovic, Maggie Mittleman

Find them on:

Facebook: Wellesley College BHEs

Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (SAAFE)

Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone is a student organization that provides peer education and support to the Wellesley community through crisis intervention and the prevention of violence and sexual assault.

Contact: Emily Boyk, Hannah Lipstein

Sexual Health Educators (SHEs)

The Sexual Health Educators is a student organization that provides sexual health education, on and off-campus resources, as well as support for Wellesley students through events such as SHEopardy in the residence halls, Sex Carnival, campus lectures, and Sex Positivity Week.

Contact: Hannah Bledsoe 

Find them on: 
Twitter: @WellesleySHEs
Facebook: Wellesley College Sexual Health Educators 
Instagram: WellesleySHEs