Tobacco and Cigarettes

For support with tobacco use reduction or cessation, make an appointment with a Health Educator or Health Service clinician.


Did you know that 77% of Wellesley College students never smoke cigarettes?  And only 3.5% of Wellesley College students reported smoking cigarettes on 3 or more days in the last month.   Many of those who do smoke would like to reduce the amount they smoke or quit entirely.   


e-Cigarettes are battery operated devices designed to look like actual cigarettes, but rather than burning their contents, they heat up liquid to release nicotine and other chemical vapors.  The contents of the liquid may vary widely in terms of the amount of nicotine and other additives included.  Although e-Cigarettes may not deliver the same toxins as cigarettes to the user, they are still a carcinogen delivery device.  Early research shows that e-Cigarettes may be useful in helping existing users quit tobacco use, but that in young people, they may be serving the exact opposite function and facilitating initiation of tobacco use.

Online Resources for Help with Quitting Tobacco Use

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