Incoming Students

Welcome to Health Services provided by Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health!




Step 1: Book an appointment with your doctor for a physical and/or to complete your forms.

Please note: a provider's signature is required on the health forms. Students are required to have had a physical on or after 8/1/21 and to have completed all required immunizations. Please call your doctor ASAP to book an appointment so that your submission is not delayed. You can complete this step even before you have the forms in hand!

Step 2: Check your Wellesley College email regularly and activate your online Patient Gateway account.

All new students will be pre-registered in the Newton-Wellesley Hospital System (which Health Services is a part of) and must set up an online Patient Gateway account. This will be tied to your Wellesley College email.  

You will receive a link via your Wellesley College email (before the end of May) to activate your online Patient Gateway account.

Follow the instructions carefully.  


Step 3: Receive and print your new student forms.

New student forms and paperwork will be sent to you through your Gateway account.

You will receive the forms within a week of activating your account.

You will get an alert in your Wellesley College email when you have a new Gateway message.



Step 5. Submit the completed forms to Health Services via electronic upload through the Patient Gateway.

You will have received instructions how to do this with your original forms.

Forms must be completed and submitted at once. Partial submissions will not be reviewed.

Deadline for submission is JULY 1, 2022.

Step 6. Look for confirmation of forms received.

Once your forms are submitted, we will confirm receipt of them via a Patient Gateway message back to you.

Step 7. Forms will be reviewed by Health Services.
Health Services will send another Gateway message to you once your forms have been reviewed.
We will let you know if you are all set or if you are due for anything further. Please note that, depending on volume, this may take a few weeks.
If you are due for any required immunizations, we will include in our message an appointment day and time on which you will be required to come to Health Services.
NOTE: You will NOT receive a green check mark for this item. Communication directly from Health Services (via Patient Gateway) after review of forms will serve as "proof" of completion of this item.
Step 8. Come to Health Services on the day and time of your appointment to complete any outstanding health require

Student housing eligibility requires that health forms must be complete prior to move in. Students who need additional medical appointments will be allowed to move in, but they must attend their appointments in order to maintain housing.

Waiver Forms
  • Meningococcal waiver- this form MUST be submitted in lieu of meningococcal vaccination to meet this health requirement (please note: meningococcal vaccine is recommended). Information about Meningococcal vaccination
  • Vaccine waiver Wellesley College- this form must be submitted to request medical or religious exemptions for any other vaccines. Medical exemption requests do require additional documention. Once submitted, the form will be reviewed by the appropriate party and you will be notified if your exemption was accepted. Submission of waiver does not guarantee acceptance. Please note that the process for requesting COVID vaccine exemptions may require additional paperwork and evalution. 

Contact: Health Services provided by Newton Wellesley Collegiate Health | 106 Central St Wellesley MA 02481 | (781) 283-2810