Incoming Students

Health requirements for incoming students

All incoming students must complete:

 Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3


Submission Step 1   

Print, complete, sign and email the following forms:

Bring these to your primary care clinician to be completed and signed:


  • Your physical examination is required within 6 months of enrollment.
  • A copy of sickle cell screen or newborn sickle cell test is required or a Sickle Cell Testing Waiver must be signed, dated, and uploaded to waive the test.
  • Review PERA's Sickle Cell Screening letter and statement about health insurance.

Submission Step 2

Gather all of your signed forms and group them by type (immunications, consent, physical exam, etc.).

Step 1: Scan and save each form (not page) as a separate file on your computer. For example, scan the Permission for Treatment/ Authorization of Payment/ Consent for Treatment form (2 pages) as one file and name it appropriately.

Other forms that may apply to you:

Email your forms to

Submission Step 3 

Immunization Entry - Required for all students.

Email your immunizations to

Some immunizations are required, others recommended/ optional. Because you will submit the copy provided by your clinician, the Wellesley College Health Service staff will review all of your information and ensure it is accurate.

WCHS advocates for a healthy and fully immunized college community and adheres to the Exclusion Guidelines mandated by the MA Department of Public Health.

There are two situations in which students who are not appropriately immunized may be admitted to school:

  1. a medical exemption is allowed if a physician submits documentation attesting that an immunization is medically contraindicated; and
  2. a religious exemption is allowed if a parent or guardian submits a written statement that immunizations conflict with their sincere religious beliefs.

Philosophical exemptions are not allowed by law in Massachusetts, even if signed by a physician.

To submit an exemption, please complete and email this exemption form



For detailed information about our required immunizations, play the video below:

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