Incoming Students

Welcome to Health Services provided by Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health!

Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health operates Health Services on campus and provides care to Wellesley College students. We are staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses from Newton-Wellesley Hospital and can draw on the vast resources within the Partners HealthCare system to provide high quality healthcare.

We also collaborate closely with others on campus—in particular the Wellesley College Stone Center Counseling Services—to meet students’ health care needs. We also work closely with the Wellness Center, Nutrition/Dining services, Athletics, and Accessibility Services. These pre-entrance health forms will help us get to know you and better serve your health care needs.

Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to complete your medical forms. Please complete each step in chronological order. 

Note: if you have received care previously in the Partners Network and already have a medical record number and Patient Gateway account, you can skip to Step 3. If you are unsure of this, please do not skip steps. 

Step 1: Register with Newton-Wellesley Hospital (Partners System)
  • Call 855-890-9241 between 8 and 5 pm ET. 
  • You will be asked to provide demographic and insurance information (if available). Please note: if you will be utilizing health insurance through Wellesley College, we understand that you do not yet have an insurance card. You will be able to provide this information at a later date through the Patient Gateway system.

Registering will assign you a medical record number and a blank chart. Please complete this step even if you are unsure if you will use Health Services. This does not obligate you to use our services, but will ensure you are able to access them should you need to. 

Step 2: Activate Your Patient Gateway Account
  • Call Health Services at 781-283-2810 between 8 and 4:30 pm ET. M-F
  • Simply let us know you are a new student and want to activate your account.

This will allow you to use our online portal (the Patient Gateway). The Gateway enables you to look at your provider notes or results, email us questions, request refills, schedule appointments and upload documents to us (see below).

Step 3: Complete the Release of Information (ROI) Forms

Print, review, and sign (if applicable) the release forms below.

Signing these forms will give Health Services permission to communicate with others regarding your health. For example, it would enable us to send/receive medical records, speak with other treatment providers, and share information with Wellesley College. Information would only be shared if it would be beneficial for your care, and we would discuss this with you prior to sharing. You can change your designation at any time by contacting Health Services. 

On each release form, you will need to fill out the Patient Information section, complete the “To” section, and then sign/date. Some information has been pre-populated in the “To” section to make things easier for you. 

We have provided release forms for the following groups: 

  1. External treatment providers- includes your PCP, mental health providers, specialists and allows us to exchange written or verbal medical information with them.  
  2. Wellesley College- because Health Services is run by Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health, this will allow us to share information - like immunization status- with the College. The College is required by Massachusetts law to verify that your immunizations are up to date.

It would also enable us to share pertinent information with Wellesley College partners in student health care (including the Stone Center Counseling Services, Nutritional services, Wellness office, athletics, and Accessibility Services) as it relates to your care. Please note that behavioral health histories will be shared with the Stone Center Counseling Services. 

  1. Your parents- this would allow us to speak to your parents about health issues and answer their questions if they call for information. Please note we would not reach out to your family without your knowledge (except in cases of emergency). 

If you do not wish to give us permission to speak to any of the designated parties, do not return the specific form and indicate this on the ROI declination sheet

Step 4: Complete the Medical Information Forms

Print, fill out, and sign/have signed the following medical forms. Please note this step requires signatures by your primary care doctor. 

These forms give us information about your physical/mental health and vaccination status. 

There are 4 forms included:

  1. New Student Health History and Questionnaire- you fill out 
  2. New Student Provider Medical History and Exam- filled out/signed by a primary care provider
  3. New Student Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire- filled out/signed by a primary care provider
  4. New Student Immunization record- filled out/signed by a primary care provider
Step 5: Attach and Upload the Forms to Us Through the Patient Gateway

username and password login screen

  • Click on Messaging (top bar) and then Ask a Question. Alternatively, you can use the quick link button on the right side. 

                    four icons with the Messaging envelope icon selected                                               drop down menu with Ask a Question selected


  • Select Non Urgent Question

Screenshot that reads: Non Urgent Question: you have a simple medical question that doesn't require an immediate response


  • Fill in the required information

  • Attach Documents (4 medical forms and up to 3 release forms)

  • Send

Screenshot of the Ask a Medical Question form


Step 6: Take a Deep Breath and Wait
  • We will review your forms and reach out to you if you are missing any information or are not up to date on immunizations. If we email you regarding immunizations, please reply in a timely manner. 

  • It could take up to 1-2 weeks for the green “check mark” to appear on your Entering Student Checklist. 

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact: Health Services | 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02481 | | Phone: 781.283.2810 | Fax: 781.283.3693