Billing and fees

Students with the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will have claims submitted for them.

Students with a private insurance plan (non-SHIP) will receive an electronic statement for service/ supplies listed below and are responsable for submitting claims to their insurers. Electronic statements can be viewed or printed from The Portal. The billing policy is always included with your statement.

 If you have any questions please call our Billing Coordinator at (781) 283-2811.

As of August 15, 2016, the WCHS will charge an additional $5.00 service fee for all Health Service charges transferred to the student's account after 45 days without payment.

Immunization fees

Lab Service
Type Price
Blood draw fee $10.00
Urinalysis $10.00
HCG Urine Qualitative (Pregnancy) $10.00
HCG Serum Qualitative $19.00
Culture, Urine $34.00
Culture, Throat $20.00
Rapid Strep test $8.00
Rapid Flu test $55.00
Complete Blood Count (CBC) w/Diff $25.00
EKG $97.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $35.00
Lipid Panel $77.00
Glucose, Serum $20.00
Iron - Ferritin $34.50
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone $74.00
Vitimin B12 $42.00
Vitimin B12 & Folate $182.00
Vitimin D-25 Hydroxy $174.00


GYN Appt Related Fees
Type Price
Pap Smear - Thin Prep $65.00
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea $62.00
HIV $25.00
RPR (syphilis infection) $20.00
Wet Mount $25.00
Herpes Culture $80.00


Type Price
Allergy Injections $15/$25
Ear Irrigation $15.00
Nebulizer Treatment $28.00
Suture/Staple Removal $15.00
Wart Destruction $20/$25


Type Price
Ace Wrap $15.00
Ankle Brace $15.00
Crutches/Canes (not returned) $50/$15
Plan B $40.00
Sick Swag Bag $15.00
Thermometer $5.00
Wrist splint $20.00