Prescriptions and Pharmacies

Refill prescriptions

What if I need a refill?

First, check your prescription label for available refills. If you have one or more refills remaining, call the pharmacy for a refill. If you are out of refills, call ASAP (781.283.2810) and let us know. If Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health has never prescribed the medication for you, you will need an appointment prior to receiving a refill.

refill prescription online

You can also call at 781.283.2810.

Newton-Wellesley Collegiate Health does not prescribe controlled substances.

Where can I find a pharmacy?

There are several pharmacies convenient to campus, including:

Andrews Pharmacy—delivers to campus!

Phone: 781.235.1001
Fax: 781.239.0655

Before your first prescription, call Andrews Pharmacy or visit their website to give them your health insurance information and a credit/debit card number. We will call in the prescription, Andrews will deliver to Health Services within 24 hours, we will call/email you, and you can pick up the prescription in Health Services.


There are multiple CVS locations near Wellesley.

You can walk to the CVS in the Vil:

25 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Mon-Fri 9 am–9 pm, Sat/Sun 9 am–6 pm

The closest 24-Hour CVS is in Natick:

137 West Central St.
Natick, MA 01760
24 hours/7 days per week

CVS also has an option to deliver medications to your campus address.

Contact: Health Services | 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02481 | | Phone: 781.283.2810 | Fax: 781.283.3693